Wishing Jennifer a Smooth Move

Jennifer Bowen, our staff receptionist and Ocean Physics Lab liaison officer–and virtuoso harpsichordist–is on the move:

“Here’s the scoop on my leaving the department: My husband was recently hired at Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut (near Pasadena) – he’ll be heading up their Music Theory program in the fall. As for me, I’ll be reassigned to full-time Mommy Duty taking care of Wesley, who will be three in August. I plan on continuing to give concerts in the area, both solo and with Ensemble Aquila, so I’ll stop by often. It’s been a pleasure working for Geography (a field I knew virtually nothing about when I started) and being around scientists in general, who are both completely the same and utterly different than my artist friends. Keep in touch!”

Jennifer has been with us for two years, and we’ll miss her—and will hold her to her promise to stop by en route to giving concerts (see the May 31 article for more on the “Ensemble Aquila” which she founded).

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