Below we have compiled a list of deadlines and best practices for the current graduating class. Please read over the following as you prepare to leave Geography and it’s computing infrastructure behind.

If you aren’t able to read this entire note, the two things that are most important are:

  1. Changing where your email address forwards to (point the alias to your personal account)
  2. Getting a copy of your files from the shared servers before you leave Geography.

Computer Accounts

  • Geography Windows Desktop accounts automatically close and your desktop is reimaged for the next incoming grad student.

Account Data

  • Make sure you have permission for any datasets you might take (in case you had NDA data on your group project etc.).
  • Your account is closed after you leave, your data is then moved to an archived location for a year, then permanently deleted.
  • If possible, please delete any large data-sets in your folders that aren’t needed any longer.

uMail Accounts

  • You retain access to your uMail/Connect account for 13 months after the end date of your last quarter.
  • We recommend you forward or transfer emails you wish to have for future use before your account expiry date.
  • Under some circumstances you can request an uMail account extension.


  • After graduation converts to uMail only at the end of your graduating quarter.
  • A uMail only UCSBnetID will only work for accessing uMail, you won’t be able to use campus wireless or access library resources etc.

Your Website

  • You may want to look into an alternate hosting platform. There are a few to choose from. First I would suggest for you to look into obtaining a domain name that represents you and your work.  This can come with hosting, and or you can choose a separate hosting company.
    You are free to search online for a domain registration and hosting plan of your choice.
  • Then, copy over your website to the new hosting site and set the Title to your new domain name.
    Next, you can login to meridian and remove all of your content in your public_html folder and add in a index.html file that will automatically redirect the website to your new website address.
  • Instructions with several examples on how to create an index.html file to redirect your website can be found at
  • Then let us know when you are done and we can close your LDAP account.

Geography Email Address

  • Your email address will need to be moved from your connect Gmail account after graduation to your personal email address of choice.
  • If you do not provide a forwarding address before your connect Gmail account is deactivated (13 months after graduation) emails sent to your email address will be lost.
  • After your email is forwarded you will only be able to receive email sent to your email address at the address you provided; you will not be able to send email from your email address.

Continuing at Geography

  • If you are continuing at Geography let us know so we can transition or extend your account / building access and minimize interruption. (Examples: Becoming a PhD student, Working with a research group).