Welcome To Our New Grad Students!

Geography graduate student orientation for all new grads was held on September 25. The Department extends a warm welcome to Jarad Beckman, Micah Brachman, Eliza Bradley, Guofeng Cao, Frank Davenport, Kathleen Deutsch, Suzanne Foss, Indy Hurt, MiSuk Lee, Amy Lerner, Shishi Liu, Michael McDaniel, Felipe Murtinho, Matt Niblett, and Keeley Roth, as well as to San Diego State University grads (SDSU shares a graduate degree program with UCSB) Robyn Clark, Giorgio Curti, David Folch, Yuki Hamada, Martin Swobodzinski, Steve Warmerdam, and Xinyue Ye.

Despite a general introduction to the department, sharing lunch, and having pictures taken for the grad student bulletin boards, I doubt that many remember who’s who. Hopefully, the attached pictures will ring some bells—as I’m sure the “meet and greet” grad student rendezvous at Dargan’s Irish Pub which Park Williams organized the following night did. Cheers to all the new grads!

(Photos and links by Guylene Gadal and Frank Garcia)

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