Welcome Message from New Department Chair, Stuart H. Sweeney

Photo Courtesy of Lauren Kerr

The UCSB Department of Geography is pleased to announce that Dr. Stuart H. Sweeney will be serving as the next chair of our department having begun his term July 1st, 2017.

“Welcome and thank you for your interest in UCSB’s Department of Geography!

As the twelfth department chair, I feel honored to lead a department with such a distinguished history.  The department continues a tradition of pursuing a broad scientific and educational mission focused on problems of people and the environment.  Our research focuses on complex problems that are fundamentally geographic but also span, and are informed by, other disciplines in the natural, social, and information sciences.  One of our core strengths continues to be our ability to bring a formidable and diverse set of technical and methodological skills in understanding the objects of our study; these include spatial optimization, simulation, statistics, GIS, remote sensing, mathematical and network modeling, as well as fundamental aspects of spatial data structures, computing, and representation.

If you are one of our current students, alumni, or supporters, I wish you well and look forward to your involvement in the department and hearing from you.  If you are new to the department, and perhaps exploring geography as a field for the first time, we welcome you to join us on our exciting journey of discovery.”