Valarmy at Esri PUG 2014

Alumnus Edward Pultar (PhD 2011) recently sent the following, regarding his brainchild, Valarm (“Versatile Asset Locator And Remote Monitor”), a powerful software platform for collecting geo-located sensor data:

Last week, Valarm presented in the plenary presentation at the Esri PUG [Petroleum User Group] 2014 conference! We did a live sensor demo showing Valarm’s real-time sensor and monitoring solutions sending data into the Esri GeoEvent Processor and Operations Dashboard. A volunteer from the audience came up and and breathed on a temperature / humidity / pressure weather sensor, and when the dashboard widget showed the increase on the big screen there were ooohs and aaahs from the crowd as well as applause. Some PUG conference attendees came by the Valarm booth in the conference expo and said Valarm’s plenary presentation was their favorite of the day – flattering!

There was great interest in Valarm’s real-time, rapidly deployable, and mobile sensor / monitoring solutions! Particularly, we saw interest in using Valarm to monitor pipelines, wells, gases + leaks (H2S, CH4, NO3, other gases), vehicle tracking, dust, noise, and other assets. Utilizing Valarm sensors to conform to government regulations was another hot topic. The Valarm overview document we handed out at the booth (printable PDF version) is available here; a link to the video of the plenary presentation is available here).

The Esri Petroleum GIS Conference was held April 23-25 in Houston, Texas. It was aimed at the petroleum, gas, and pipeline GIS user community and featured presentations given by industry GIS professionals regarding best practices in GIS for petroleum (source).

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Ed making his presentation at the Esri PUG 2014 conference. Ed’s 2011 dissertation was titled “The Role of Geography in Social Networks: Couch Surfing as a Case Study” (Raubal, Chair)

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The “Valarmy” that came to the Esri PUG 2014 conference: Lorenzo Gonzalez, CEO/software architect; Pawel Sasik, Project Management/legal affairs; Edward Pultar, President/spatial scientist; and Smith.