Traveling By Plane

Consider taking the bus from the airport to UCSB Campus. Local MTD Bus Line 11 runs every 30min and makes a direct commute between the airport and UCSB Campus.

The Santa Barbara Municipal Airport (SBA) airport, adjacent to UCSB, is served by the following airlines:

SBA is adjacent to UCSB. For more info, see their website.

Please visit SB MTD Routes & Schedules for a complete listing of routes and schedules.

If you need to take a cab, try to carpool with other participants who may be arriving at similar times. Please check out Ridelinks (below) for rideshare information.

Traveling By Amtrak Train

The Amtrak train has routes throughout the country and makes frequent stops in both Santa Barbara and Goleta. For schedules and tickets visit AMTRAK.

Again, carpooling and rideshare services to and from Amtrak stations and airports can be arranged by utilizing our rideshare services.


Interested in carpooling? Please check out RideLinks at

About RideLinks, Inc.:

    Los Angeles-based RideLinks, Inc. was established in 1999 with a mission to improve air quality and mitigate congestion by providing the tools to implement practical, cost-effective solutions. Certified by the South Coast Air Quality Management District, this proprietary, user-friendly software is designed to facilitate reporting of mobile source emissions for compliance with air quality regulations. Real-time tracking and calculating enable companies to take a pro-active approach to environmental reporting that enriches, rather than detracts from, their core businesses.

    RideLinks assists regulated employers with all Rule 2202 compliance options: rideshare, credits, and offset programs. Using state-of-the-art tools, compliance specialists are available to review an organization’s current compliance program and offer recommendations for getting the most out of the compliance budget. Ridelinks provides a clear overview of all options and costs, so that management can make the right, informed decisions for the organization.

    We have chosen RideLinks as our ridematch service provider to assist conference participants in their travel needs, by facilitating easy and comprehensive ridematching services to help decrease travel emissions and showcase comprehensive services that Ridelinks offers above and beyond ridematching.

We also highly encourage conference participants to take advantage of on-campus housing. A limited number of residence halls will be available on a first come first serve basis, (another good reason to register early!) Avoiding commutes between hotel and conference is extremely energy efficient and keeps cost of housing low.

Do your best to be conscious and resourceful by practicing sustainable transportation methods — and pass techniques and motivation on to others!


  1. Workshop dress:
    Casual attire is fine, but keep in mind the classroom and computer lab can be chilly, so you may want to bring a sweater/jacket to the classes.
  2. Santa Barbara weather:
    Usually temperate during the day (high 60s to high 70s), but rather chilly in the evenings. Be sure to bring a sweater or light jacket, especially to any evening events. Current conditions and forecasts.
  3. About Santa Barbara:
    See the Official Visitor Guide to Santa Barbara.