The UCSB Geography Spring Newsletter

The UCSB Geography Newsletter is a biannual production, and electronic mailings occur in spring and fall each year. you can download a PDF of the 2014 Spring Newsletter here.

The featured news item in this edition revolves around the Geography Department’s 40th Anniversary celebration, April 24-25. A Geography colloquium presentation by Professor Frank Davis will be given on the 24th, 3:30 – 5:00 pm, relating to the past, present, and future of the Department. That will be followed by an open house event in Ellison Hall which will showcase some of our achievements and facilities; light refreshments will be served.

On Friday, April 25, a Gaucho GeoHunt will be held, starting at 10 am, in conjunction with the All Gaucho Reunion, hosted by the UCSB Alumni Association. The Geohunt combines elements of scavenger hunts and geocaching and will provide a fun way to explore our beautiful campus and to win some nifty prizes in so doing. For more information and to register, visit Gaucho GeoHunt on Facebook.

Friday afternoon, 1:00-4:30 pm, is devoted to the Department of Geography’s 40th Anniversary Barbecue at historic Stow House Enjoy games, music, the gorgeous gardens and historic buildings of Rancho La Patera, the adjacent South Coast Railroad Museum, and nearby Lake Los Carneros. This unique and historic gathering place is limited to groups of 200 maximum, so book early! Check out the Stow House web site at Registration includes a Santa Barbara style BBQ, drinks, a free train ride, a Geography Dept. tote bag, and a t-shirt! Adults $40, Students $20, Children $5 (1-12 years); and for an extra $20 donation, you can sponsor a student. What a deal!

To register and pay for barbecue reservations, visit the All Gaucho Reunion page at . Once at the Reunion registration page, click on “Register Now” in the center. At the top, you should fill in the initial ‘warm-up’ questions, but there is no need to fill in unstarred questions, including your Grad Year and Major if you did not graduate from UCSB, or the Guest Information if you are purchasing event tickets for other people. Below the warm-up questions is the list of individual reunion events you can register for. Friday, April 25th, Geography’s 40th Anniversary Barbecue Event is currently listed 1st on the list for that date. After you fill that out, click on “Next” to go to the Credit Card Billing page. After you fill that out and click “Next” again, you will end at the Confirmation Page. Look forward to seeing you at the barbecue!

The content of the biannual Geography Newsletter revolves around major Departmental news items since the last mailing and also includes standard items, such as faculty and student kudos, a thank you to recent donors, featured alumni, and, at times, a humor spot or a “did you know?” item. The articles included in this newsletter are only a sampling of about 60 Department News postings made since the Fall Newsletter of November 13, 2013; please see the News Archive for complete listings. If you would like to be on our mailing list regarding recent postings or if you have a submission of your own, suggestions about further inclusions, or any other comments, corrections, or catcalls, please contact the editor, Bill Norrington, at


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