The UCSB Geography Fall Newsletter

The UCSB Geography Newsletter is a biannual production, and electronic mailings occur in spring and fall each year. And, yes, both publication dates are calculated to “brand” the Department and to encourage donations (just before Christmas and just before tax filing); you can download a PDF of the fall edition here.

The content of each Newsletter revolves around major Departmental news items since the last mailing and also includes standard items, such as faculty and student kudos, a thank you to recent donors, alumni news, and, at times, a humor spot or a “did you know?” item. The articles included in this newsletter are only a sampling of about 150 Department News postings made since the Spring Newsletter of March 24, 2014; please see the News Archive for complete listings. If you have a submission of your own, suggestions about further inclusions, or any other comments, corrections, or catcalls, please contact the editor, Bill Norrington, at

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