The FlightAware Misery Map

The FlightAware MiseryMap is an interactive visualization of the state of US flight delays and cancellations. “With more than 6,000 flights within the nation canceled today and more than 1,000 delayed because of the snow and ice storm moving up the East Coast, it’s time once again to point to FlightAware’s MiseryMap.

As All Tech Considered has explained before, the map ‘combines weather and flight data into a live map that lists which airports are being struck by storms, the number of delays and cancellations, and graphs that show flight destinations and the chances they’ll actually make it on time.’

The more red you see in the circle over an airport’s location, the more miserable things are there for travelers. It looks like there’s plenty of misery to go around” (Mark Memmott, writing for, February 13, 2014).

Editor’s note: Many thanks to Geography grad student Boleslo E. Romero for suggesting this material and to Academic Personnel Analyst Bernadette Weinberg for passing it on to the editor.

Image 1 for article titled "The FlightAware Misery Map" has an interactive website which provides live tracking for commercial and private airplanes. It provides a “Misery Map” showing a live mapping of delays and provides real time statistics and information about cancellations and delays.

Image 2 for article titled "The FlightAware Misery Map"
FlightAware’s Misery Map shows how bad the weather has affected travel in the Southeast. With the storm headed toward the Northeast, expect the map to show a lot more red around D.C. and NYC (