Ted Eckmann’s TA Evaluations a Level Above the Rest

Graduate student Ted Eckmann recently won the Graduate Student Association’s Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award in Mathematics, Natural Sciences, and Engineering—adding to his long list of teaching accolades, including the Geography Department Teaching Award. As is obvious from the award title, this accolade spans many departments on campus; Ted was nominated alongside some stiff competition from other departments, but, according to the GSA President, Ted’s evaluations were simply “a level above the rest.”

The GSA award is given annually to campus TA’s that have a distinct history of exceptional teaching performance. Its selection process is set apart from other teaching awards, because it emphasizes students’ input. In addition to reviewing the traditional ESCI evaluations, Ted actually had to submit a letter of recommendation from one of his students. But student support is an area where Ted shines. Says Colin Whiting, a Geography undergraduate and one of Ted’s former students, “Ted knows just about everything.” Well, we can’t say it any better.

Ted will officially receive his award and his $1000 prize at the next GSA Assembly meeting on Tuesday, June 6, at 6:00 in the GSA Lounge. The ceremony will be open to the public, and any interested parties should feel free to attend and indulge themselves in the free food provided beforehand.

(Article contributed by graduate student David Gaines)

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