Strong UCSB Geography Presence at the 2006 TRB Meeting

After 85 years, the Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board is expected to reach 10,000 attendees, representing all levels of government, educational institutions, and private industry. UCSB Geography will be strongly represented at the Washington, DC venue with four paper presentations, two workshops organized by our affiliates, and many more activities. Shaunna Burbidge (left) will present a paper that builds on her MA graduate work titled “Travel Behavior Comparisons of Active Living and Inactive Living Lifestyles,” coauthored with K. Goulias, and T. Kim. Kriste Henson will present a paper emerging directly from her latest doctoral research on “Preliminary Assessment of Activity and Modeling for Homeland Security Applications,” coauthored with K. Goulias. Kostas Goulias (right) will present a paper from his University Transportation Center project on “Altruists and Egoists in Activity Participation and Travel: Who Are They and Do They Live Together?,” coauthored with Kriste Henson. Joao Abreu, who was a Fulbright/FLAD visiting scholar at UCSB, will present a paper from his doctoral work on “The Effects of Land Use Characteristics on Residence and Employment Location and Travel Behavior of Urban Adult Workers,” coauthored with T. Golob and K. Goulias. On the Sunday before the meeting, Val Noronha will be busy co-chairing a workshop on “Spatial Data Needs and Opportunities: Safety, Security, Planning and Operations, Environment, and Infrastructure” (see also , while Kostas Goulias will chair the workshop “Coast-to-Coast Tutorial with Activity Models.” Additional information can be found at (Article contributed by Professor Goulias)

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