Segun Ogunjemiyo Featured on Calendar

Dr. Segun Ogunjemiyo, California State University Fresno, recently contacted his mentor Dar Roberts to say, “Thought I should share this with you. I was honored to be featured in the University Calendar even though I have only been here for a year.” Dar hired Segun as a post-doc researcher in his Viper Lab in 1999 to help complete the analysis of field data and Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS) products. Dr. Ogunjemiyo became an assistant professor in Fresno State’s Department of Geography in 2005. He has an extensive background in micrometeorlogy, remote sensing, and geographic information systems, and his current research at Fresno State is devoted to air quality and how exposure to heat waves, ozone, and pollutants can affect people in the Central Valley: “The research entails the use of both surface and airborne meteorological instrumentation to study how pollutants are transported over urban environments and to generate data that can be used to improve air quality forecasts for the San Joaquin Valley.” The calendar writeup goes on to say, “He is taking a leading role in starting an environmental research laboratory in the Department of Geography. Dr. Ogunjemiyo, a native of Nigeria, has inspired his students at Fresno State to pursue work in the field of geography in locations throughout the world.”

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