Retirement Party for Meryl Wieder

Meryl Wieder, who has been the Department’s top staff member for 26 years and has been with the University for 36 years, retired January 5, 2004. We held a retirement party at the Cliff House, a rustic facility on the bluffs of West Campus. Connie Padilla, Nancy Ponce, and Michelle Keuper worked hard to organize this momentous occasion. Thirty faculty, staff, past staff, and long-time friends attended.

A beautiful sunset inaugurated the party. Some chatted outside in the chilly air, watching nature’s spectacular show. Before dinner was served, a group photo was taken. Table cloths and accents were in various shades of purple, Meryl’s favorite color. True to traditional retirement parties, Meryl was “roasted” by several people — Keith Clarke, Michael Goodchild, Dan Montello, and Bill Norrington. Meryl treated us to her orchid slide show, with music. A good time was had by all! Best wishes, Meryl! We’ll miss you!

Group Photo

Back row: Mike Goodchild, Richard Weinberg, Teresa Everett, Dave Folks, Silvio Di Loreto, Joel Michaelsen, Jim Proctor, Fiona Goodchild, Margot Clarke, Connie Padilla, Dan Montello. Middle row: Patsu Pommerening, Venus Nasri, Bernadette Weinberg, Val Norrington, Bill Norrington, Keith Clarke, Tracy Ruge, Mark Grosch, Heather Grosch, Robin Johnson, Waldo Tobler. Front row: Leal Mertes, Beilei Zhang, Howard Pommerening, Michelle Keuper, Mary MacDonald, Meryl Wieder, Nancy Ponce, Susanna Baumgart. Photos by Susanna Baumgart.

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