Ocean Processes

Research Area: Ocean Processes


Tommy Dickey Tommy Dickey
Ocean Processes

PhD, Princeton University (Geophysical Fluid Dynamics), 1977
Atmosphere-ocean interactions and upper ocean mixing, turbulence and internal waves, bio-optics, biogeochemistry, and biological-physical interactions
Website: http://www.opl.ucsb.edu/tommy/
Email: tommy.dickey@opl.ucsb.edu
Office: 1710 Ellison Hall
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David Siegel David Siegel
Biogeosciences, Ocean Processes, Remote Sensing
PhD, University of Southern California (Geological Sciences with specialty in Ocean Physics), 1988
Interdisciplinary oceanography investigating physical, biological, optical and biogeochemical couplings on micro to ocean basin scales. Specifically, satellite ocean color remote sensing and optical oceanography, scale interaction in ecological and population systems, role of radiative exchange in air-sea interactions, and data information systems
Website: http://www.icess.ucsb.edu/~davey/
Email: davey@eri.ucsb.edu
Office: 5844 / 6844 Ellison Hall
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Libe Washburn Libe Washburn
Ocean Processes

PhD, University of California, San Diego (Engineering Sciences and Fluid Mechanics), 1982

Coastal circulation, mesoscale processes, air-sea interaction, and interdisciplinary oceanography
Website: http://www.geog.ucsb.edu/~washburn/
Email: washburn@eri.ucsb.edu
Office: 5818 ELLSN / 4306 MSRB
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