Nick Nagle Awarded Benjamin H. Stevens Graduate Fellowship in Regional Science

“Nicholas Nagle, doctoral student in the graduate degree programs in Geography and Economics at University of California at Santa Barbara, has been selected the winner of the competition for the fifth annual Benjamin H. Stevens Graduate Fellowship in Regional Science. The Fellowship will provide a $22,500, one-year stipend to support Nagle in his research on geostatistical approaches to spatial econometrics. His thesis focuses on developing methods that relax commonly utilized assumptions in spatial econometric analysis of areal data, and is supervised by Assistant Professor Stuart H. Sweeney of the Department of Geography of the University. Concerning his student, Sweeney wrote, ‘Nagle’s research offers a careful balance between the economic theory and statistical theory that undergirds the analytical paradigms in regional science. The work offers a fundamental step forward allowing for a closer relationship, and embeddedness, between theory and empirical analysis of spatially referenced socio-economic data.'”

“The Fellowship is awarded in memory of Dr. Benjamin H. Stevens, an intellectual leader whose selfless devotion to graduate students as teacher, advisor, mentor, and friend continues to have a profound impact on the field of regional science.…
The 2004-2005 Stevens Fellowship competition was judged on behalf of the North American Regional Science Council by a committee consisting of: Marcus Berliant, Economics, Washington University in St. Louis; David Boyce, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Northwestern University; Maureen Kilkenny, Economics, Iowa State University; Michael Lahr, Center for Urban Policy Research, Rutgers University; Ronald Miller, Regional Science Program, University of Pennsylvania; and David Plane, Geography and Regional Development, University of Arizona.”

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