New Undergraduate Scholarship Established

Many thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Jagannadham Akella and their daughter Mamata for establishing The Akella Family Scholarship which will be awarded each year to talented and deserving undergraduate student(s) enrolled in the department. The Scholarship will be used to support undergraduate student(s) based on the criteria of compelling family/personal circumstances and academic achievement. Highest consideration is given to those who have unique and challenging obligations (i.e., re-entry/non-traditional students, extended family responsibilities, etc). The award is available to all declared Geography majors (first year as well as continuing students).

Gifts of support for the Department are deeply appreciated. All gifts, large and small, help us in our mission of teaching and research and in promoting the study and understanding of planet Earth and its inhabitants. We are extremely grateful to the Akella family for their commitment and generosity, and we will use their scholarship to enrich the well being of future Geography undergraduates who share the Department’s mission.

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