Mertes Scholarship Award Recipients

Leal Anne Kerry Mertes Scholarship Award Recipients

Year AwardedStudent NameDepartmentClassResearch Title
2018Kate CulhaneDepartment of Ecology,
Evolution, and Marine Biology (EEMB)
GraduateFire and debris flows: Short-term responses to high-severity disturbances in California stream and riparian communities
2017Erica GotoGeographyGraduateLandslides in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil: An Analysis of Risk and Exposure
2015Corbin HodgesGeographyGraduate
2014Alexander NeelyEarth ScienceGraduateReading Landscapes and Characterizing Faults from a Digital Elevation Model, Santa Cruz Island, California
2014Nina BinghamGeographyGraduateUnderstanding the cow-terracette link in a Mediterranean Climate
2013Nicholas HuynhDepartment of Ecology,
Evolution, and Marine Biology (EEMB)
UndergraduateGrowth, bacterial resilience, and mucosal microbial assemblages of wild and cultured California intertidal finfish
2013Kimberly HartsonPsychologyGraduateUsing affirmation to improve health outcomes of individuals coping with chronic illness
2013Erin HananDepartment of Ecology,
Evolution, and Marine Biology (EEMB)
GraduateControls over nitrogen cycling in California Chaparral
2012Dana BardolphAnthropologyGraduateFeeding the Ancestors: Rethinking Polity Formation and Domestic Economy in the Moche Valley, Peru
2012Andrea AdamsDepartment of Ecology,
Evolution, and Marine Biology (EEMB)
GraduateThe biology of extinction: Examining the role of an epidemic disease in shaping amphibian community structure
2011Erin MorecaiDepartment of Ecology,
Evolution, and Marine Biology (EEMB)
GraduatePathogen effects on plant communities
2010Nate RoyalGeographyGraduateGuinea worm and its spread: Nomadic movements and Guinea worm's spread in Tillaberry, Niger
2009Loren MerrillDepartment of Ecology,
Evolution, and Marine Biology (EEMB)
GraduateDo female cowbirds use male vocal performance to assess male quality?
2009Bryan MurrayEarth ScienceGraduateThe age of volcanism and crustal extension in the sierra madre occidental silicic large igneous province (Mexico)
2008Seeta SistlaDepartment of Ecology,
Evolution, and Marine Biology (EEMB)
GraduateHow does arctic shrub expansion influence soil nutrient cycling thorugh changes in the rhizosphere
2008Brett HartmanGeographyGraduateA community development approach to ecological restoration in developing nations: Case study analyses from the highlands of Peru and Bolivia
2007Amy LernerGeographyGraduateThe impact of urbanization and global food policy on the future of maize livelihoods and land-cover in the Toluca de Lerdo Valley, Mexico
2007Natalie DoerrDepartment of Ecology,
Evolution, and Marine Biology (EEMB)
GraduateDo male great bowerbirds minimize the costs associated with acquiring bower decorations by re-using decorations acquired in previous breeding seasons?
2007Mary K. DonovanGeographyUndergraduateCoral Reef Structure Across a Human Impact Gradienft the role of biodiversity and the implications for human welfare
2006Elizabeth MadinDepartment of Ecology,
Evolution, and Marine Biology (EEMB)
GraduateUnexpected Indirect Consequences of Predator Removal on Coral Reef Community Structure
2006Laurel SutterGeographyGraduateLand Use/Land Cover Change in the Evolving Agricultural Frontier: Peten, Guatamala