Memorial and Dinner for Jack Estes

A celebration of the life and career of Professor Jack Estes, who died March 9, was held Tuesday, April 17th, from 3:30-5:30 pm at Girvetz 1004. At 6:00 pm a dinner was held at the Faculty Club.

Approximately 130 people came to the Memorial, some from across the nation. Jack’s enormous professional accomplishments, skillful catalyzing of interagency agency cooperation, and personal impact on individuals was recounted by the many friends and colleagues who took the microphone. The service ended with a slide show of photos of Jack, accompanied by recorded music, that his current graduate students had created.

Sixty people attended the dinner at the Faculty Club. Jack was well-known for adventuring around the world and savoring good foods with friends. It seemed fitting to have a meal together to honor him. A few photos from the dinner are posted on the Event Photos section of [the archived] website.

His death leaves a vast hole in the hearts of his family and friends. But his legacy — not only of professional accomplishments, but of unflagging loyalty and support to his friends and students, and powerful love to those closest — will roll onwards, fanning outwards, through the many people with whom he connected.

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