Mamata Wins Dangermond Undergraduate Scholarship

Mamata Akella is this year’s winner of the Jack & Laura Dangermond Undergraduate Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to the most accomplished undergraduate student in Geographic Information Science (GIS) in the department of Geography. Jack and Laura Dangermond are the co-founders and President and Executive Vice President respectively of ESRI (Environmental Science Research Institute). ESRI is a major industrial supplier of software in the field of GIS. Jack Dangermond currently serves on the board of directors of the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA) at UCSB.

Mamata has been accepted as a Geography graduate student at Pennsylvania State University. We’ll miss her dazzling smile and vivacity! Mamata says she’s worried about the transition to Eastern weather, but she’s a very accomplished Geography student and we know she will cope. Warm wishes for her success and happiness in her new venture!

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