Legleiter Does It Again!

Shortly after becoming one of only eight graduate students to win a 2006 Canon National Parks Science Scholarship, Carl Legleiter has also been awarded one of only two annual Horton Research Grants by the American Geophysical Union. To quote the AGU website ), In 1982, the Hydrology Section of AGU gained access to a portion of the income of the Robert E. Horton Fund for Hydrologic Research. This permitted the initiation of the Horton Research Grant, which was first awarded in 1983. The grant is in support of research projects in hydrology and water resources by Ph.D. candidates in institutions of higher education and is awarded annually. Its objective is to foster graduate student research leading to the completion of doctoral dissertations. Appropriate topics may be in hydrology (including its physical, chemical, or biological aspects) or in water resources policy sciences (including economics, systems analysis, sociology and law).

Conditions of Carl’s $10,000 research grant include the preparation of an interim progress report and the presentation of a paper based on the funded work at a future AGU meeting. Carl will receive half of the grant immediately, and the second half will be presented to him in person at the 2006 Fall AGU Meeting during a Hydrology Section function where he will be officially honored. Speaking of honors, we’re honored to have Carl in the Department of Geography!

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