Laura Harrison Comes In From the Cold

You may remember Laura Harrison as the undergraduate geography student whose identification of Chinese nuclear facilities made the front page of The Washington Times (see the February 21, 2006 article)—well, our notorious spy has come in from the cold and has taken on the job of Staff Undergraduate Advisor for the department. Laura decided to take a break from academia before going on to graduate school, and comments, “When I declared Physical Geography several years ago, not only did I feel I had found my academic calling, but that I had discovered part of myself as well. I’ve loved working in a field where the main counterparts are the understanding of Earth processes, the use of cutting-edge technology, and the endless possibilities for creative implementation of these tools in worldwide issues. Next to studying Geography, my second favorite thing is talking about Geography, so come on by and say hello!”

Laura was a Coordinator of the Associated Students Recycling Program as an undergraduate, as well as an Undergraduate Art Intern who was responsible for most of our spectacular graphics and posters over the last couple of years—not to mention being a top student in Geography. Needless to say, the Department is fortunate to have her aboard as a Staff Member whose commitment to Sustainability and love of Geography is as infectious as her smile and is bound to encourage undergrads to share her devotion to the discipline.

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