Landon Romano Undergraduate Geography Textbook Scholarship

Landon Romano, a 1999 graduate of the Department of Geography, initially became interested in geography after taking Geog. 5. He realized he wanted to study how geography affected people. Spatial behavior and urban planning fascinated him, and the skills he learned from taking Geography courses in planning and GIS influenced him greatly. Knowledge gained of planning helped him put together business proposals, policies, procedures, and best practices. Geographic Information Systems gave him the ability to understand, rationalize, discuss, and thoroughly use any and all databases in business environments.

Mr. Romano established the textbook scholarship fund in order to give something back to the department that made such a positive difference in his career. The Landon Romano Geography Textbook Scholarship is given out at the beginning of each quarter to undergraduate students to assist in the purchase of geography textbooks.

  • Eligibility: Undergraduate students enrolled in any of the following Geography courses: Geog 3A, Geog 3B, or Geog 5
  • Deadline: One week before beginning of quarter
  • Selection: Course faculty will review the applications and select up to six students to receive the Landon Romano Textbook Scholarship. The awardees will be announced in class. Recipients will each receive a purchase order to the UCSB bookstore for the textbook of the enrolled course.

To Apply:

  1. Write a one to two page paper describing why you chose a Geography course/major and what interests you most about geography
  2. Include the following information: A. Name; B. Perm #; C. E-mail address; D. Quarter/year; E. Geography course # enrolled
  3. Submit your paper and information to the Department of Geography Undergraduate Advisor in Ellison 3611 (walk-in or email to
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