Kate Voss Receives Editor’s Choice Award from Water Resources Research Journal

UCSB Geography graduate student Kate Voss just received the following announcement from Alberto Montanari, Editor in Chief of Water Resources Research:

“Dear Dr. Voss: Starting in 2011, Water Resources Research has instituted the Editor’s Choice Awards. Editors’ Choice Awards are given to about 1% of published articles in any calendar year to provide professional recognition to scientists and students for their outstanding work. The selection is made by the Editors of WRR based on technical significance, novelty, originality, presentation, and broader implications of the publication. Awards made in a given year are for publication in the previous calendar year, the “award year.” I am delighted to let you know that for the 2013 award year your publication listed below is being recognized as a recipient of this award.

Voss, K. A., J. S. Famiglietti, M. Lo, C. de Linage, M. Rodell, and S. C. Swenson (2013), Groundwater depletion in the Middle East from GRACE with implications for transboundary water management in the Tigris-Euphrates-Western Iran region, Water Resour. Res., 49, doi:10.1002/wrcr.20078.

Please accept my hearty congratulations on behalf of the editors of WRR. The award will be formally presented at the Hydrologic Sciences Luncheon of the AGU Fall meeting in December 2014. We look forward to seeing you and/or your coauthor(s) at the event.”

Kate’s response? “Super exciting!!! I am so honored and stoked that our paper is receiving this recognition!!!”

And we’re honored and stoked to have Kate as one of our grads!

Editor’s note: For a summary of Kate’s article, see the highlights at natureclimatechange.com. Many thanks to David Lopez-Carr for bringing this material to our attention.

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Kate Voss, now a UCSB PhD candidate in Geography (advisor: Lopez-Carr), was a water policy fellow at the University of California’s Center for Hydrologic Modeling (UCCHM) at UC Irvine. (www.ucchm.org/). Kate was also recently awarded a NASA fellowship and a NSF graduate fellowship (see the April 3, 2014 News article). She had the enviable situation of having to choose between them and opted for the NSF.

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