John Gallo Receives the Dangermond Award

Graduate student John Gallo has been awarded this year’s Jack and Laura Dangermond Award, given annually to “a promising graduate student in Geographic Information Science.” Jack and Laura Dangermond are the co-founders and President and Executive Vice President respectively of ESRI (Environmental Science Research Institute), a major industrial supplier of software in the field of GIS. The award includes a $5,000 stipend which is intended to allow the recipient to devote more time to creative and imaginative research.

If you’ve noticed the “mountain lion poster” near the Geography conference room (“Modeling Landscape Connectivity using a Least-Cost Path Function for Puma (Felis concolor) Dispersal”), I’m sure you’ll agree that John’s research is decidedly creative and imaginative. John is currently completing his PhD dissertation on “Reconnecting Society and Nature: Participatory GIS, Conservation Planning and Implementation” under the guidance of Professor Goodchild. Good luck with the dissertation, John (though I doubt that luck has anything to do with it), and congratulations on your award—we look forward to the results of your future research!

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