Jack and Laura Dangermond Fund

The Jack and Laura Dangermond Fund is named for the generosity of Jack and Laura Dangermond. It has been established to support:

  • Annual graduate and undergraduate GIScience awards (one award for a graduate and one award for an undergraduate)
  • Annual, multiple travel expense awards for graduate and undergraduate students (see note below)

The Jack & Laura Dangermond Graduate Fellowship and the Jack & Laura Dangermond Undergraduate Scholarship are awarded to a promising graduate and undergraduate geography student in geographic information science (GIS) in the Department of Geography.

Jack and Laura Dangermond are the co-founders and President and Executive Vice President respectively of Environmental Systems Research Institute. ESRI is a major industrial supplier of software in the field of GIS. Jack Dangermond currently serves on the board of directors of the Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science at UC Santa Barbara.

Note: Thanks to the generosity of Jack and Laura Dangermond, multiple travel expense awards are available to help qualified undergraduate and graduate students present GIS related work at conferences and workshops. Calls for applications for Dangermond Travel Scholarships are usually made in August (Aug. 11–21) for the late Summer/Fall Quarters, November (Nov. 17–27) for the Winter Quarter, and March (Mar. 16–26) for the Spring and early Summer Quarters. Download the application form. Please submit all applications by email to (info@geog.ucsb.edu) by the appropriate deadline.

* The application is a “reader extended pdf” that allows editing through Adobe Acrobat or the typewriter tool