Graduation and Awards

Saturday, June 12, 2004, the Geography Department celebrated graduating 102 students earning Bachelor’s degrees, 10 Masters, and six PhDs in the previous academic year (Fall 2003-Spring 2004). Largely organized by staff member Robin Johnson, the Department had its annual post-ceremony party in the quad of Ellison Hall. Students and their families munched on snacks, visited with one another and some of the professors, and applauded the students who received awards.

This year, there were more awards than ever. Nine students received “Outstanding Achievement as a Geography Major” (graduated with a GPA of 3.5 or higher), three of the Outstanding Achievement awardees also received “Distinction in the Major” (graduated witha 3.6 or higher and completion of a major research project), two students received the “Jack & Laura Dangermond Undergraduate Scholarship” (for the best students this year in GIS), three students received the “Chair’s Award for Excellence in Geography” (for having the highest overall GPAs), and one student received the “Nicholas Bourdakis Memorial Award” (for highest GPA of a new major).

To see photographs of the party and all the awardees who were present, please jump to the June 2004 Geography Graduation Celebration page.

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Caitlin (Katy) Kontgis receives Bourdakis Award

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The party outside Ellison Hall

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