Golledge Lectures

Geography colloquia comprises a series of seminars on diverse problems in human and physical geography and geographic techniques which are presented by invited speakers and UCSB Geography personnel. The colloquia series is officially known as Geography 201, “Seminar in Geography,” and attendance is required of all UCSB Geography graduate students every quarter when offered.

Colloquia provide a forum for visiting scholars to make presentations on anything related to Geography, allow our own and other graduate students and post docs to present their current and proposed research, and are open to the public as part of the Department of Geography’s commitment to education and public outreach. A list of Golledge Lecture presentations are available below.

Colloquium Presentations from 2011-Present
Dangermond Lectures

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2015-05-07Stephen HirtleThe Golledge Lecture: The Cognition of SpaceColloquium
2014-05-15Mental Resurrection and How to Live Forever: Speculations on Future Interactions between Technology and our MindsThe Golledge LectureColloquium
2013-03-14Gilberto Câmara
Researcher on Geoinformatics and Environmental Modelling
National Institute for Space Research, Brazil
The Golledge Lecture: “On Mental Clocks and Mental Maps: Contributions of Behavioral Geography to a Theory of Geospatial Change”Colloquium
2012-02-03Isabel F. Cruz, Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois;
Pascal Hitzler, Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Wright State University, Ohio;
Werner Kuhn, Professor, Geoinformatics, University of Münster, Germany;
Mike Goodchild, Professor, University of California Santa Barbara
Mark Schildhauer, Professor, University of California Santa Barbara
Krzysztof Janowicz (moderator), University of California Santa Barbara
"Big Data GIScience" Panel"
2009-05-07Luc Anselin

[PDF Document] Abstract
20 years since Spatial Econometrics (Golledge Lecture)Colloquium
2008-04-03Joseph KerskiSleepwalking into the future: Society without spatial thinkingColloquium
2007-04-26G. Donald Richardson[PDF Document] Testing an Airborne Radar: Monitoring the Daytona Peace Accords in BosniaColloquium
2006-04-13 Timothy Nyerges
Department of Geography
University of Washington
Implementing the PGIST Portal: A Web Portal for Analytic-Deliberative Decision Support
2005-04-14 Barbara Buttenfield
Department of Geography
University of Colorado
Multiple Representations of Geospatial Data: A Cartographic Search for the Holy Grail
2004-05-20Grant Thrall[PDF Document] Business Geography of the GIS IndustryColloquium
2003-04-10Ronald AblerTelecommunications and Geography (Golledge Lecture)Colloquium
2002-02-21Antoine BaillyMedicometry: A Global Approach of Health Care PoliciesColloquium
2001-05-03Susan Cutter[PDF Document] "Environmental Hazards and Risk Assessment"Colloquium
2000-04-13Robert StimsonMeasuring dimensions and spatial patterns of community opportunity and vulnerability: Lessons from a decade of socio-economic restructuring in Australia (18th Annual Golledge Lecture)Colloquium
1999-04-08John D. Nystuen
Urban & Regional Planning, University of Michigan
Place, Location, Time and Timing: Form and Texture in Space/Time
1998-04-09Richard Morrill
Department of Geography, University of Washington
Reradicalization of a Liberal? The Case of Urban Policies
1997-03-13Kingsley Haynes
Director of The Institute of Public Policy, George Mason
Issues in Environmental Justice: Measurement Assessment and Policy Design
1996-05-30John Hudson
Geography Program, Northwestern University
Rethinking Grassland Regionalism
1995-03-02Gerard Rushton
Department of Geography, University of Iowa
Borrowing Strength for the Small Area Analysis of Urban Infant Mortality and Birth Defect Rates
1994-05-26Waldo Tobler
Department of Geography, UCSB
Reflections on 30 Years of Geographic Research (Retirement Lecture)
1993-10-28Don Parkes
Director and Senior Research Fellow, University of Newcastle
Modelling Complex Environments, A Five Dimensional Dynamic Cartography for Blind Users
1993-02-25Yorgos Papageorgiou
Department of Geography, McMaster University
On the Recent Evolution of the Canadian Regional Population
1992-05-21Roger Downs
Department of Geography, Pennsylvania State University
Where in the World is Geography? The Message in the Medium
1991-02-21Leslie Curry
Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto
Entropy in Geographical Evolution
1990-04-12Gunnar Olsson
Director, Nordic Planning Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
Forms of Thought
1989-03-02W.A.V. Clark
Department of Geography, UCLA
The Efficacy of Legal Solutions to Spatial Problems
1988-04-08Lawrence A. Brown
Department of Geography, Ohio State University
Third World Development as the Local Articulation of World Economic Conditions, Donor Nations Actions, and Government Policies: A Rationale and Research Implication
1987-02-26Leslie J. King
Academic Vice President, McMaster University
The New Theoretical Economic Geography: A Critique
1986-06-05Peter Gould
Department of Geography, Pennsylvania State University
The Only Perspective: A Critique of Marxist Claims to Exclusiveness in Geographical Inquiry
1985-04-15Julian Wolpert
Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs, Princeton University
Urban Neighborhoods as a National Resource: Irreversible Decisions and Their Equity Spillovers