Goldsberry wins UCTC Dissertation Grant

Grad student Kirk Goldsberry recently received a $15,000 Dissertation Grant from the University of California Transportation Center. Elizabeth Deakin, Professor of City and Regional Planning and Director of the UC Transportation Center at Berkeley sent Kirk the following e-mail on February 2nd: “I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected for a UCTC dissertation grant. The grant is made for your proposed work, Cartographic Displays of Congestion in ATIS. The grant will be for $15,000 and may be used to cover your salary, benefits, and expenses. When you complete the dissertation you must provide an electronic copy to UCTC. Also, we would like to receive electronic copies of all papers you write based in whole or in part on this work. Congratulations, and I look forward to seeing the competed dissertation!”

According to their web site, “the UCTC awards up to ten doctoral dissertation grants of $15,000 every academic year. Applicants must be students at the University of California and must be carrying out dissertation research on topics with direct relevance to U.S. surface transportation, with a focus on systems analysis and policy.” Details and applications are available here.

Kirk applied for the fellowship last fall on the advice of Professor Reginald Golledge, one of his PhD committee members. Kirk states, “I’m interested in real-time traffic maps for the internet. Specifically, I’m researching how different map design decisions will influence the effectiveness of traffic map displays in mobile environments.” Kirk received a BS in Earth Sciences at Pennsylvania State University in 1999 and an MA in Geography at UCSB in 2002. His PhD committee members include Keith Clarke (advisor), Kostas Goulias, Waldo Tobler, and Reg Golledge, and he hopes to finish his dissertation in 2007. Best wishes and congratulations to Kirk!

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