Get a Gig at Google

Doug Tallman, an ex-Bren School of Environmental Science and Management grad student, recently sent a “hello from Google”:

I was a student at UCSB from ’98-’00 enrolled in the Bren M.E.S.M program, working with Prof. James Frew as my advisor. After a two-year stint working as a geospatial application developer at the U.S.G.S. (National Map and Atlas of Antarctic Research), I’m now at Google, and the good news is, we’re still hiring.

Just a little background that may help you remember me:I worked a bit with Prof. Clarke who assisted with some advice on our group project to build a decision-support GIS for the Goleta Brownfields. I also audited a computer cartography class. I attended Prof. Goodchild’s GIS talk at the ESRI UC last year, worked on the Alexandria Digital Library with Linda Hill, and when I was at UCSB was enrolled in the 176-ABC class.

I’m working as a GIS Data Engineer, and recently we’ve opened some positions for GIS Specialist, at the Junior and Senior levels. Perhaps you may know some students with a matching skill set and an interest in working at Google. Feel free to pass this information on to interested students. Link to jobs at Google

Regards, Doug Tallman

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