Geography Trivia Afternoon


(Top right then clockwise) UCSB Graduate students discuss options for a trivia answer, teams write down their answers for a question, and the Outreach Committee preps for the next question.

The results are in for the first annual Geography Trivia Afternoon held on Friday, April 14. And first place goes to…the senior faculty team, closely followed by graduate students’ groups placing second and third. The event, organized by the department’s Graduate Student Outreach Committee, drew over twenty participants including graduate and undergraduate students, faculty and visiting scholars. Five teams competed in three intense rounds of questions representing the discipline’s vast extent. Jennifer King shared that “these department events are a fun way to bring people together. Cohesion is built on common experiences, and this was a fun, low stakes activity. Everyone had a good time.” While Erin Wetherley added that the competition was “challenging and a great way to interact with people across labs.” Victors walked away not only with a well-deserved swagger but also stylish UCSB Geography bags full of goodies and treats. Congratulations to everyone who participated — your knowledge of geography is impressive!

First Place Team (left to right): Dan Montello, Jennifer King, Dar Roberts, Stuart Sweeney Second Place Team (left to right): Jeff Kirkby, Corbin Hodges, Manny Storey, Sara Lafia, Daniel Phillips Third Place Team (left to right): Elizabeth McBride, Kevin Mwenda, David Miller, Chris Kibler, Erin Wetherley