Geography Trivia 2018

The first place trivia team “Remote Senseless” poses with their winnings! Photo Courtesy of Susan Meerdink

The Graduate Student Outreach Committee put on a Geography Trivia Afternoon on Friday, April 27 for graduate students, faculty, staff and undergraduates. There were 27 participants altogether: 15 graduate students, 5 faculty, and 7 staff members. The first place team was ‘Remote Senseless’ with graduate students Chris Kibler, David Miller, Sarah Shivers, Cascade Tuholske, and Erin Wetherley. The second place team our faculty team with the name of ‘Four Grumpy Old Men and a Woman’. Members of this team included Kostas Goulias, Jennifer King, Dan Montello, Dar Roberts, and Stuart Sweeney.


Questions this year featured various topics including ‘Math and Mammals’, ‘Which country….’, and ‘California Dreaming’. Participants were asked to answer ‘What is a group of porcupines called?’ or ‘What California native shrub name means ‘little apples’ when translated from Spanish?’ or ‘What are the names of the four main islands of Japan?’. Reactions from these questions ranged from delight to frustration to confusion.

The faculty team, ‘Four Grumpy Old Men and a Woman’, shined when they won second place for trivia. Photo Courtesy of Susan Meerdink

Congratulations to everyone who participated, your knowledge of geography is impressive! Sponsors for this event include the Geography Department, Woodstock’s Pizza, and UCSB Bookstore. This event was brought to you by Nina Bingham, Sari Blakeley, Lily Cheng, Susan Meerdink, Dan Meltzer, Amelia Pludow, Rafael Ramos, and Katelyn Zigner.

Article written by Geography graduate student Susan Meerdink