Geography Fall BBQ Has an International Flavor

The Events Committee came up with this year’s Fall barbecue theme, “As the World Turns.” “In celebrating the world of Geography, we’re planning our BBQ with an International Flair! Mentally picture yourself in your favorite country and plan on dressing in your special cultural style and preparing a potluck dish native to this culture.” The theme was both fun and appropriate, considering the international nature of our Department: Reg Golledge is from Australia; Martin Raubal from Austria; Hugo Loaiciga from Costa Rica; Keith Clarke, Mike Goodchild, and Terry Smith from England; Catherine Gautier from France; Helen Couclelis, Kostas Goulias, and Phaedon Kyriakidis from Greece; and Waldo Tobler from Switzerland (and, no, despite all the rumors, Dan Montello is not from Italy!). International staff includes José Saleta from Spain and Beilei Zhang from China; and our international graduate students, researchers, and foreign visitors include citizens of Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Ecuador, Germany, Japan, Korea, Mexico, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, and the United Kingdom—quite a geographic spread!

The barbecue was also quite a spread. The Department provided American-style tri tip and veggies (all expertly cooked by “Kiss me, I’m a Geographer” Montello); garlic bread was toasted and buttered by Dan’s “pit partner,” Connie Padilla; and the “international” appetizers, side dishes, salads, and desserts donated by attendees were to everyone’s taste. The roast llama casserole (really!) was a special treat! Grad student Jeff Onsted collected donations for beverages and provided “liquid cheer” that was “out of this world” (at least after a few glasses), and, as usual, the entertainment committee went far beyond the call of duty in organizing and setting up the event, held Friday at Goleta Beach from 3:30 on. International flags adorned the tables, international music boomed out of the speakers, and an “internationally good time” was had by all!

For more pictures, click here or here for Flash VersionPhotos courtesy of Guylene Gadal and Richard Weinberg; article by Bill Norrington; Flash presentation by Frank Garcia

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