Geographers have strong showing at UCSB Grad Slam

Four Geography Graduate Students participated in the UCSB Grad Slam. Grad Slam features 3 minute talks by students about their research, and the presenter of the best talk wins. Each student talk was evaluated on seven criteria: background knowledge to make the project understandable, organization of the talk, delivery by the speaker, use of visual aids, appropriateness of the topic, intellectual significance of the research, and engagement of the talk. This is the 5th year of the Grad Slam competition, with 75 graduate students signing up to participate. From our own department, Sara Lafia, Karly Miller, David Miller, and Daniel Phillips entered the competition. Our participants did well this year, with Sara, David, and Daniel continuing to the second round and David and Daniel competing in the final round. Congrats to everyone who participated!

Grad Slam(Starting top-left, going clockwise): Daniel Phillips, Karly Miller, David Miller, and Sara Lafia present their three minute talks at GradSlam.