Derrick Enjoys a Challenge!

Derrick Tyler is our new undergraduate Work Study staff employee. As a Student Assistant II, he’s in charge of purchasing, expediting, travel, petty cash, shipping/receiving, recharges, equipment inventory, copier codes/service, mail distribution, and staff support for the Ocean Physics Lab. Derrick is a senior, majoring in Law and Society (with a minor in Philosophy) and hopes to attend UCLA Law School, studying either entertainment law or constitutional law. He comments that, “When I’m not studying (which is a very small amount of time) I like to watch movies, spend time with my girlfriend Candace, hang out with friends, watch TV (sports especially), and play video games every now and then.” Stop by and say hello to Derrick—and be sure to ask “Mr. D” for his impersonation of Mr. T (but don’t mess with his key)!


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