Dangermond Lectures

Geography colloquia comprises a series of seminars on diverse problems in human and physical geography and geographic techniques which are presented by invited speakers and UCSB Geography personnel. The colloquia series is officially known as Geography 201, “Seminar in Geography,” and attendance is required of all UCSB Geography graduate students every quarter when offered.

Colloquia provide a forum for visiting scholars to make presentations on anything related to Geography, allow our own and other graduate students and post docs to present their current and proposed research, and are open to the public as part of the Department of Geography’s commitment to education and public outreach. A list of Dangermond Lecture presentations are available below.

Colloquium Presentations from 2011-Present
Golledge Lectures

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2017-04-27Dr. Claudia Bauzer-Medeiros, Professor of Databases,
Institute of Computing, University of Campinas (UNICAMP), Brazil
[PDF Document] "Abstract"
[PDF Document] "Discovering and clearing paths through the world—The pros and cons of graph databases"Colloquium
2016-05-26Dirk Brockmann, Professor at the Institute for Theoretical Biology, the Integrated Research Institute for the Life-sciences at Humboldt University of Berlin
[PDF Document] "Abstract"
[PDF Document] "Dangermond Lecture:"The Hidden Geometry of Complex, Network-Driven Contagion Phenomena"Colloquium
2015-04-09Jacqueline McGladeHealthy Planet, Healthy People—The Future We Can HaveColloquium
2014-02-06Yvan BédardThe Dangermond Lecture - Beyond GIS: Spatial Online Analytical Processing and Big DataColloquium
2013-02-07Michael Batty(Dangermond Lecture Series) Explaining the Dynamics of City Size and Similar Distributions: Scaling, Rank Size, and Rank ClocksColloquium
2012-05-24Michael Goodchild
Exploring Digital EarthColloquium
2011-11-03Dr. Dawn Wright

[PDF Document] "Abstract"
[PDF Document] "(Dangermond Lecture Series) GIS “in Depth:”An Emerging Ocean and Natural Sciences Agenda at Esri GIS “in Depth:”An Emerging Ocean and Natural Sciences Agenda at Esri"Colloquium
2010-10-14Mike Worboys

[PDF Document] Abstract
[PDF Document] (Dangermond Lecture Series) Bringing geographic information indoorsColloquium
2009-05-28Shashi Shekhar

[PDF Document] Abstract
(Dangermond Lecture Series) Evacuation Route Planning: Novel Spatio-Temporal Network Models and Algorithms
2008-05-29Shoreh Elhami(Dangermond Lecture Series) URISA’s GISCorps
2007-04-12Dr. Werner Kuhn[PDF Document] (Dangermond Lecture Series) Spatio-temporal primitivesColloquium
2006-05Cynthia Brewer
Advanced Cartography withinGIS
2005Sucharita Gopal
2004-05-27Michael Jerrett
[PDF Document] (Dangermond Lecture Series) Spatial Modeling of Traffic Pollution and Associated Health Effects in TorontoColloquium
2003-05-29May Yuan(Dangermond Lecture Series) Geographic Intelligence; From Representation to Discovery of Geographic Dynamics in GIS DatabasesColloquium
2001-05-24Mark Gahegan[PDF Document] "Constructing and Evaluating Geographic Categories"Colloquium
2000-04-20Nicholas Chrisman[PDF Document] "How Does GIS Integrate Information from Different Sources?"Colloquium