Colloquium presentations from 1979-2012

Geography colloquia comprises a series of seminars on diverse problems in human and physical geography and geographic techniques which are presented by invited speakers and UCSB Geography personnel. The colloquia series is officially known as Geography 201, “Seminar in Geography,” and attendance is required of all UCSB Geography graduate students every quarter when offered.

Colloquia provide a forum for visiting scholars to make presentations on anything related to Geography, allow our own and other graduate students and post docs to present their current and proposed research, and are open to the public as part of the Department of Geography’s commitment to education and public outreach. A list of Colloquium presentations are available below.

Colloquium Presentations from 2011-Present
Dangermond Lectures
Golledge Lectures

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1979-11-08Ross McKinnonVacancy Chains
1979-11-13Pat BurnettAnalytic Human Geography
1979-11-29J. Nicholas EntrikinAlternative Approaches to the Search for Geographic Understanding
1980-01-10John ChappelEnvironmental Physiology
1980-02-19James SmithSome Statistical Models of Clustering
1980-05-22Bill GarrisonTransportation Systems
1980-06-03Les CurryDynamic Theoretical Ecology
1981-01-15John HolmesAsymmetries in Interurban Telephone Traffic: Their Hierarchical Significance
1981-01-29Gary DunbarElisseé Reclus (a 19th century geographer)
1981-02-24Julie WinklerSynoptic Climatology
1981-02-26Joel MichaelsenNorth Pacific Ocean
1981-04-02John S. AdamsHousing Markets - Thinking About
1981-04-14Elizabeth HobbsEffects of Feral Sheep Grazing on Bishop Pine Forests of Santa Cruz Island
1981-04-23Eric Sheppard(about public facility location)
1981-04-30Guido Dorigo(about migration models)
1981-10-02Carlos Daganzo(about multinomial probit models)
1981-10-22Michael CostanzoThe Spatial Component in the Effectiveness of Gun Control Laws
1981-11-05Peter SimonsIntraurban Patterns of Wholesaling
1982-02-11Waldo ToblerSpatial Interaction: An Alternative Formulation
1982-03-02William C. WondersProblems in Resource Development in Northern Canada
1982-05-13Warren MoranSpatio-Temporal Localization of Production
1983-01-20Grant Ian Thrall(about housing market models)
1983-03-17Emilio Casetti(about modeling growth of development)
1983-04-07Yorgos PapageorgiouModels of Agglomeration
1983-04-28Jean Claude MullerAn Attempt to Draw Impossible Maps
1983-10-13Richard PeetLocation Theory Applied to Manufacturing from a Marxist Perspective
1984-04-12Jonathan D. SauerDynamics of Seashore Vegetation
1984-05-01Gunnar OlssonOf Creativity and Socialization
1984-09-20James FrewIntroduction to Geography Department Computer System
1984-10-04Arthur GetisOn the Frontier of Point Pattern Analysis: Elementary Terms
1984-10-18Rick ChurchApplications of Location Analysis in Developing Countries
1984-11-01Keith KnappEconomics of Groundwater
1985-04-15Julian Wolpert
Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs, Princeton University
Urban Neighborhoods as a National Resource: Irreversible Decisions and Their Equity Spillovers
1986-06-05Peter Gould
Department of Geography, Pennsylvania State University
The Only Perspective: A Critique of Marxist Claims to Exclusiveness in Geographical Inquiry
1987-02-26Leslie J. King
Academic Vice President, McMaster University
The New Theoretical Economic Geography: A Critique
1988-04-08Lawrence A. Brown
Department of Geography, Ohio State University
Third World Development as the Local Articulation of World Economic Conditions, Donor Nations Actions, and Government Policies: A Rationale and Research Implication
1989-03-02W.A.V. Clark
Department of Geography, UCLA
The Efficacy of Legal Solutions to Spatial Problems
1990-04-12Gunnar Olsson
Director, Nordic Planning Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
Forms of Thought
1991-02-21Leslie Curry
Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto
Entropy in Geographical Evolution
1992-04-30Rich Zine, Mike Costanzo, Chris KellerBusiness Perspectives in Geography (Panel Discussion)Colloquium
1992-05-14Ronald BlomThe TransArabian Expedition: Space Technology and the Lost City of UbarColloquium
1992-05-21Roger Downs
Department of Geography, Pennsylvania State University
Where in the World is Geography? The Message in the Medium
1993-02-25Yorgos Papageorgiou
Department of Geography, McMaster University
On the Recent Evolution of the Canadian Regional Population
1993-10-28Don Parkes
Director and Senior Research Fellow, University of Newcastle
Modelling Complex Environments, A Five Dimensional Dynamic Cartography for Blind Users
1994-05-26Waldo Tobler
Department of Geography, UCSB
Reflections on 30 Years of Geographic Research (Retirement Lecture)
1995-03-02Gerard Rushton
Department of Geography, University of Iowa
Borrowing Strength for the Small Area Analysis of Urban Infant Mortality and Birth Defect Rates
1996-05-30John Hudson
Geography Program, Northwestern University
Rethinking Grassland Regionalism
1997-03-13Kingsley Haynes
Director of The Institute of Public Policy, George Mason University
Issues in Environmental Justice: Measurement Assessment and Policy Design
1998-04-09Richard Morrill
Department of Geography, University of Washington
Reradicalization of a Liberal? The Case of Urban Policies
1998-12-03Hugo Loaiciga[PDF Document] "Scaling of Global Climate Change to Regional Watershed Processes"Colloquium
1999-02-09Alan Murray, Scott Bell[PDF Document] "Applying Heuristic Solution Approaches to Operational Forest Planning"Colloquium
1999-02-23Jim Proctor[PDF Document] "The Geography Multimedia Instructional Support Facility"Colloquium
1999-04-06R. Kitchin[PDF Document] "Issues of Validity in Cognitive Mapping"Colloquium
1999-04-08John D. Nystuen
Urban & Regional Planning, University of Michigan
Place, Location, Time and Timing: Form and Texture in Space/Time
1999-04-18Dennis McGillicuddy[PDF Document] "Mesoscale Ocean Dynamics &amp Biological Productivity"Colloquium
1999-04-20Marianne Mithun[PDF Document] "The Codification of Spatial Concepts in Native North America: Patterns of Grammaticization in American India"Colloquium
1999-04-27A. Weintraub[PDF Document] "Are mathematical models useful for planning and making decisions in natural resources"Colloquium
1999-05-18Leal Mertes[PDF Document] "Channel-Flood plain Geomorphology along the Solimões–Amazon River, Brazil"Colloquium
1999-05-25Peter A. Borrough[PDF Document] "Dynamic Modelling & Geocomputation"Colloquium
1999-10-07Dr. Thomas Dunne[PDF Document] "The Many Scales of Amazon Hydrology"Colloquium
1999-10-14Helen Couclelis[PDF Document] "Developing an Integrated Modeling Environment for Urban Change Research"Colloquium
1999-10-21Dr. Natalie Mahowald[PDF Document] "Desert Dust and Glacial/Interglacial Cycles"Colloquium
1999-11-04Jordan Hastings: Yet Another Global-Grid: The Go2 Initiative, Matt Rice: Sound and Geographic Knowledge Discovery, Doug Fischer: Expanding the Biodiversity Management Area Selection (BMAS) Model, Jorge Sifuentes: Settlement Change in the Prehistoric Maya Forest: Structure, Heirarcy and Dynamics[PDF Document] "Graduate Student Presentations"Colloquium
1999-11-11Nicole Alexander: Object-Oriented Data Capture, Donato Garcia: Title not provided, Gail Slevin: Gender Differences in Environmental Attitudes Among Children[PDF Document] "Graduate Student Presentations"Colloquium
1999-11-18Scott Peckham[PDF Document] "Mathematical Modeling of Landforms"Colloquium
2000-01-20Hongzing Liu
Postdoctoral Researcher, Byrd Polar Research Center Ohio State University
[PDF Document] "Generation of a Continental Scale Digital Elevation Model"Colloquium
2000-01-27Phaedon Kyriakidis[PDF Document] "The Role of Geostatics in Geographic Information Science"Colloquium
2000-02-01Savine Timpf[PDF Document] "Using Levels of Detail for the Modeling of Spatial Tasks"Colloquium
2000-02-03Sara Fabrikant[PDF Document] "Usability Evaluation of Spatial Metaphors For Browsing Large Document Collections"Colloquium
2000-02-10Elizabeth Burns[PDF Document] "Renewing Inner Cities"

An Analysis of City of Phoenix Land Information and Infill Policy
2000-02-17Christian Freksa[PDF Document] "Spatial Cognition"Colloquium
2000-02-24Ghassem Asrar[PDF Document] "A Window on the World"Colloquium
2000-03-02Dan MontelloDr. Strangemontello or How I learned to stop worrying and love geographyColloquium
2000-03-09Robert Wilkinson[PDF Document] "The United States Global Change"

Research Program's Assessment of Climate Change and Variability:

The California Regional Analysis
2000-04-13Robert StimsonMeasuring dimensions and spatial patterns of community opportunity and vulnerability: Lessons from a decade of socio-economic restructuring in Australia (18th Annual Golledge Lecture)Colloquium
2000-04-20Nicholas Chrisman[PDF Document] "How Does GIS Integrate Information from Different Sources?"Colloquium
2000-04-27Libe WashburnLinking coastal circulation and marine populations: New observations on the Central California coastColloquium
2000-05-04Emilio MoranLand use and land cover change in Amazonia: Biophysical, demographic, and social driversColloquium
2000-05-18James Galbraith[PDF Document] "The Evolution of Inequality in Wages and Earning in the World Economy"Colloquium
2000-05-25Fred J. Doyle50 years of mapping from space: Clandestine photogrammetry from the Cold War revealed!Colloquium
2000-06-01Val Noronhatransportation databases for the coming decadeColloquium
2000-10-05Dar Roberts[PDF Document] "Integrating Assessment of Wildfire Hazard"Colloquium
2000-10-12Kerry Halligan, Mike Jennings, Nicholas Matzke[PDF Document] "Grad Student Presentations"Colloquium
2000-10-19David Jones, Kevin Knight, Ryan Sexton, Matthew Ungerer[PDF Document] "Grad Student Presentations"Colloquium
2000-10-26Christina Tague[PDF Document] "Modeling Hydrologic and Ecologic Interactions"
2000-11-02Jim Proctor[PDF Document] "Making Sense of Global Environmental Change"Colloquium
2000-11-09Waldo Tobler, Keith Clarke[PDF Document] "The Contributions of Waldo Tobler to Geography"

A Tribute to Waldo Tobler on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday with Presentations by Waldo Tobler and Keith Clarke
2000-11-16Gordon ClarkEuropean pensions: Competition or convergenceColloquium
2000-11-30David Rigby[PDF Document] "Technological Variety, Technological Change, and the Geography of Production Techniques"Colloquium
2001-01-25Billie Lee Turner[PDF Document] "Understanding Tropical Deforestation"Colloquium
2001-01-30William A. Hoffmann[PDF Document] "Feedback Between Fire, Tree Cover, and Climate in Brazilian Savannas"Colloquium
2001-02-01Phaedon Kyriakidis[PDF Document] "Dynamic Visualization of Spatial Uncertainty Via Gradual Deformation of Conditional Stochastic Simulations"Colloquium
2001-02-06Paul MoorcroftScaling vegetation dynamics: How population and community level affect ecosystem structure and functionColloquium
2001-02-08Julian BesagGeographic analysis and ethical dilemmas in a study of childhood leukemias in Great BritainColloquium
2001-02-13Eric Small[PDF Document] "Shrub Invasion in Semiarid Ecosystems"Colloquium
2001-02-15Glen Macdonald[PDF Document] "Climate Change and the Circumarctic Treeline"Colloquium
2001-02-20Greg Asner[PDF Document] "Biogeochemical and Remote Sensing Perspectives"Colloquium
2001-02-22Bill Lyte[PDF Document] "Remote Sensing and The Alameda Corridor"Colloquium
2001-03-01Theresa Smith, Sarah Battersby, Nick Nagle[PDF Document] "Graduate Student Presentations"Colloquium
2001-03-08Kevin Konty, Xiaohang Liu, Margot McDonald, Jeffrey Onsted[PDF Document] "Graduate Student Presentations"Colloquium
2001-04-12William Clark[PDF Document] "Immigration and the American Dream"Colloquium
2001-04-26Allen Scott[PDF Document] "Globalization and the Rise of City-Regions"Colloquium
2001-05-03Susan Cutter[PDF Document] "Environmental Hazards and Risk Assessment"Colloquium
2001-05-10Heidi Dierssen, Robert Taylor[PDF Document] "Graduate Student Presentations"Colloquium
2001-05-17Bill Jepson[PDF Document] "Virtual Los Angeles"Colloquium
2001-05-24Mark Gahegan[PDF Document] "Constructing and Evaluating Geographic Categories"Colloquium
2001-05-31Daniel Sui[PDF Document] "Environmental Impacts of the Emerging Digital Economy"Colloquium
2001-10-04Leal Mertes[PDF Document] "Rivers From Space"Colloquium
2001-10-11Izaya Numata, Matt Thomas, Martin Herold[PDF Document] "Graduate Student Presentations"Colloquium
2001-10-17John Melack[PDF Document] "Wetlands and Carbon Dynamics in the Amazon Basin"Colloquium
2001-10-18Marco Ruoco, Adrienne Domas, John Gallo[PDF Document] "Graduate Student Presentations"Colloquium
2001-10-24Paul Rich[PDF Document] "Topography, Microclimate and Vegetation"Colloquium
2001-10-25Don Janelle[PDF Document] "Time-Space Convergence and Changing Accessibility Patterns for Cities and Regions"Colloquium
2001-11-01Sue Trumbore[PDF Document] "Carbon Metabolism of the Terrestrial Biosphere"Colloquium
2001-11-08Len Gaydos[PDF Document] "USGS Transformation and the New Western Geographic Science Center"Colloquium
2001-11-27Sharon Cowling[PDF Document] "Atmospheric CO2 and Paleovegetation Form and Function"Colloquium
2001-11-29Will Recker[PDF Document] "Applications of a Mathematical Programming Model of Household Activity Patterns"Colloquium
2001-12-11Sarah GergelImpacts of Humans on Rivers, Floodplains, and Watersheds: Comparing Large and Small DisturbancesColloquium
2001-12-13Navin Ramankutty[PDF Document] "Changes in Global Cultivated Land Over the Last Three Centuries"Colloquium
2001-12-18Christopher Still[PDF Document] "Terrestrial Ecosystems and the Carbon Cycle"Colloquium
2002-01-16Steffen WernerSelection of Spatial Reference Systems: Implications for Wayfinding and Spatial Information DisplaysColloquium
2002-01-17Toro Ishikawa: Maps in the Head: How they develop in a new environment; Chris Funk: Upper Atmospheric Control of African Precipitation: Who Holds the Smoking Gun?Graduate Student PresentationsColloquium
2002-01-24Andrea Nuerenburger: Wearable GIS and Computer Interface Design; Thomas Pingle: Defensive Terrain in Cyberspace; Persephenie St. Charles: Adventures in Hydrologic Heroism: Saving the ones you love from potential dehydration; Jeff Howarth: Landscape resilience measured with archaeological and written archive data on Santa Cruz Island, CAGraduate Student PresentationsColloquium
2002-01-31Jiefeng Zhou; John Corbett; Michael Vergeer: Topics in Systematic Conservation Planning; Thomas Pingel: Defensive Terrain in CyberspaceGraduate Student PresentationsColloquium
2002-02-07Rick ChurchTransportation Network Security: Modeling EvacuationColloquium
2002-02-14Dan HaugAsk not what GIS can do for you...Designing Analysis Tools for GISystemsColloquium
2002-02-14Dowell MyersRegional Variations in Homeownership Attainment Among Baby Boomers; Jobs/Housing, Immigration, and Headship EffectsColloquium
2002-02-21Antoine BaillyMedicometry: A Global Approach of Health Care PoliciesColloquium
2002-02-28Steve GainesMerging Science with Policy: Marine Reserves in the Channel IslandsColloquium
2002-03-07Chris McKayLife on Mars: Past, Present, and FutureColloquium
2002-03-14Harvey MillerGIS Tools for Measuring Space-Time Accessibility within Transportation NetworksColloquium
2002-04-10Sam YingWater Quality Assessment of the Chagrin River at Chagrin Falls, Ohio: Clean Water Makes 'Cha GrinColloquium
2002-04-11Eric PedersonGeocentric Orientation in Local Space: A Study in Linguistic RelativityColloquium
2002-04-18Kostas GouliasCentre county microsimulation: Past, present, and future developmentsColloquium
2002-04-25Haris KoutsopoulosSimulation-Based Modeling of Intelligent Transportation SystemsColloquium
2002-05-02John Landis, Wei Ning Hiang, Keith ClarkeA panel discussion: Smart growthColloquium
2002-05-09Richard MinnichPre-Suppresion Fire Regimes in Mixed-Conifer Forest of Sierra San Pedro Martir, Baja California: Why fire-scar dendrochronology methods underestimate fire intervalsColloquium
2002-05-14Kevin KrizekCan Land Use Policy Really Affect Travel? Anayzing Moving Households, Travel Behavior, and Neigborhood AccessColloquium
2002-05-16David MaidmenDesign of a geospatial data model for water resourcesColloquium
2002-05-23Brian FaganYounger Dryas, Los Ninos, The Little Ice Age, and Cariaco: An Archaeologist Looks at the Cultural Impacts of Short Term Climate ChangeColloquium
2002-05-30David KehrleinGIS, technology, Geography, and changeColloquium
2002-10-03Richard AspinallFunding opportunities for geography faculty and students at NSFColloquium
2002-10-10Mateo Clark: Assessment of airborne fine spatial resolution hyperspectral imagery for the monitoring of tropical rain forest tree species; Richard Middleton: Monitoring error for large allocation-location problems; Carlos Souza: Mapping forest degradation in the Brazilian Amazon through remote sensingGraduate Student PresentationsColloquium
2002-10-31Nina Kilham: Investigating the variability of innundation hydrology patterns on large rivers based on geology, hydroclimatology, and local rainfall; Risa Goldstein: Weathering of volcanic soil across a time-climate matrix using silicon as an indicatorGraduate Student PresentationsColloquium
2002-11-07David SiegelFlow, fish and fishing Colloquium
2002-11-14Erin Middleton: Enrollment forecasting in Santa Barbara; Enki Yoo: The change of support problem in aerial interpolation; Ryan Aubry: Living with densityGraduate Student PresentationsColloquium
2002-11-21Rene ReitsmaSpatialization of Web Sites Using a Weighted Frequency Model of Navigation DataColloquium
2002-12-17Tomoki NayakaSpatial Interaction Modeling of Migration in JapanColloquium
2003-01-23Jack WilliamsLate-Quarternary Land-Cover Change in North America: Integrating Paleoecological and Satellite-Based Sensors of VegetationColloquium
2003-01-28Rachel FranklinDemographic Change in a Sub-National Setting: Insights into Regional Fertility Dynamics in Italy, 1952-1991Colloquium
2003-01-30Art GetisSpatial Aspects of Disease Transmission: The Case of Dengue in Iquitos, PeruColloquium
2003-02-04Youqin HuangHousing Tenure Choice in Transitional Urban China: A Multilevel AnalysisColloquium
2003-02-06Forrest PittsThoughts on North KoreaColloquium
2003-02-07Juval PortugaliThe ESLab and CogCityColloquium
2003-02-11David CarrFrontier Migration and Deforestation in the Sierra Lacandon National Park, GuatemalaColloquium
2003-02-13Ralph DubayahTowards a Geography of the Verical Dimension: Land Surface Characterization Using Lidar Remote SensingColloquium
2003-02-17Dowell MyersRegional Variations in Homeownership Attainment Among Baby Boomers; Jobs/Housing, Immigration, and Headship EffectsColloquium
2003-02-20Nicholas GruberThe Role of the Oceans as a Sink for Anthropogenic CO2Colloquium
2003-02-25Brantley LiddleSustainability Dynamics in a World with Unequal Starting Points: Insights from a Transdisciplinary, Mulit-Country Simulation ModelColloquium
2003-02-27Laurent FaretMigratory Circulation and Spaces of Mobility: The Mexican Migration CaseColloquium
2003-03-06Lyna WigginsSunken Ships and Historic Houses: A GIS Data Model for Historic Preservation and ArchaeologyColloquium
2003-04-10Ronald AblerTelecommunications and Geography (Golledge Lecture)Colloquium
2003-04-11Ronald AblerGeography Among the Sciences (brown bag talk)Colloquium
2003-04-24Elizabeth DeakinEnvironmental Justice and Transportation: Untangling the WebColloquium
2003-05-06David HarveyGeographical Knowledges, Political PowersColloquium
2003-05-08Stuart WeissGlobal Change, Local Change, and the Conservation Ecology of the Bay Checkerspot ButterflyColloquium
2003-05-15Mark LeipnikGeographic Information Systems in Law EnforcementColloquium
2003-05-20Faculty and Graduate StudentsUCSB Geography Forum: The Ethics of Satellite TechnologyColloquium
2003-05-22Barbara WalkerThe Politics of Participation of PPGIS: Mapping Marine Protection Areas in French PolynesiaColloquium
2003-05-29May Yuan(Dangermond Lecture Series) Geographic Intelligence; From Representation to Discovery of Geographic Dynamics in GIS DatabasesColloquium
2003-10-02Christopher StillOxygen 18 in Atmospheric CO2: A Linkage Between the Global Cycles of Carbon and WaterColloquium
2003-10-09Seth Peterson: Predicting fire fuels in the Western US using ground-based and remotely sensed data; Carl Legleiter: Remote mapping and geostatistical analysis of river channel dynamics in Yellowstone National Park; Ryan Perroy: Soil erosion on Santa Cruz IslandGraduate Student PresentationsColloquium
2003-10-23Scott O'Daniel: Hyporheic flow as a mechanism for variation in stream temperature along the Umatilla River, Oregon; Alicia Arrigoni: The effect of geomorphic complexity on water temperature in a northwest alluvial river; J. Ritterbeck: Measuring the effect of tourism and eco-tourism in the rural periphery of Costa RicaGraduate Student PresentationsColloquium
2003-10-24Friends of GeographylThe Grand Opening and Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony for the New Geography Conference Room, Ellison 5824Colloquium
2003-11-06Jim TuckerTropical Deforestation in Madegascar: Prehuman to the Third MilleniumColloquium
2003-11-07David MarkEthnophysiographyColloquium
2003-11-13Roy RuddleAiding Navigation with Virtual TrailsColloquium
2003-11-20Reginald GolledgeHaptic Soundscapes: Maps for the Visually-Impaired Using Sound and TouchColloquium
2004-01-15Jim Frew[PDF Document] An Earth Science Information InfrastructureColloquium
2004-01-22John Cloud[PDF Document] Revisiting Early Urban GIScience: The Golden Era of OverlaysColloquium
2004-01-29Tom Gillespie[PDF Document] Biogeography and Remote Sensing: Tropical Dry ForestsColloquium
2004-02-05Kostas Goulias[PDF Document] Transportation and Telecommunication Interactions: Evidence from the Seattle Panel SurveyColloquium
2004-02-10Gregory Okin[PDF Document] Blowing in the Wind: Multiscale Controls on and Consequences of Aeolian ProcessesColloquium
2004-02-12Jim Proctor[PDF Document] God, Nature, Science, and the State: Who you gonna trust?Colloquium
2004-02-17Wei Luo[PDF Document] A Modeling Approach to Study Wildland/Urban Interface FiresColloquium
2004-02-24Annemarie Schneider[PDF Document] Urbanization as a Component of Global ChangeColloquium
2004-02-26Larry Smith[PDF Document] Siberian Peatlands: A Key Player in Global ChangeColloquium
2004-03-04John Delaney[PDF Document] The Neptune Regional Cabled Ocean Observatory: Interactive Networks of Remotely Operated Submarine LaboratoriesColloquium
2004-03-09Navin Ramankutty[PDF Document] Croplands of the World: Mapping the Distribution and Evaluating the ConsequencesColloquium
2004-04-08Patricia Mokhtarian[PDF Document] Which Came First - Telecommuting or Residential Relocation?Colloquium
2004-04-22Mark Monmonier[PDF Document] Rhumb Lines and Map WarsColloquium
2004-04-29Louisa Beck[PDF Document] An Assessment of the Remote Sensing Challenges for Epidemiological ResearchColloquium
2004-05-06John Weeks[PDF Document] Can You Spot a City From the Air?Colloquium
2004-05-11Steve Levitt[PDF Document] Carbon Isotopes in Tree RingsColloquium
2004-05-20Grant Thrall[PDF Document] Business Geography of the GIS IndustryColloquium
2004-05-21Grant Thrall[PDF Document] A GIS-Based Analog Spatial Diffusion Model for Forecasting Urban Growth by Multiple Categories of Land UseColloquium
2004-05-27Michael Jerrett[PDF Document] (Dangermond Lecture Series) Spatial Modeling of Traffic Pollution and Associated Health Effects in TorontoColloquium
2004-09-30Catherine Gautier[PDF Document] An Overview of Two Climate Change Teaching ExperiementsColloquium
2004-10-07Jeremy Freund, Phillipp Schneider, Park Williams[PDF Document] Graduate Student presentationsColloquium
2005-04-14 Barbara Buttenfield
Department of Geography
University of Colorado
Multiple Representations of Geospatial Data: A Cartographic Search for the Holy Grail
2005Sucharita Gopal
2006-04-13 Timothy Nyerges
Department of Geography
University of Washington
Implementing the PGIST Portal: A Web Portal for Analytic-Deliberative Decision Support
2006-05Cynthia Brewer
Advanced Cartography withinGIS
2006-10-12 Daniel R. Muhs of the Geological Survey, Denver Colorado

[PDF Document]&nbspAbstract
[PDF Document] Global Climate Change and Sea-Level History As Seen in the Geology of the California Channel IslandsColloquium
2006-10-19Dayna J. Quick, Seo Youn Yoon, Karl Grossner[PDF Document] Graduate Students presentationsColloquium
2006-10-26David Gaines

[PDF Document] Abstract
[PDF Document]  Developing a model for selecting accessibility improvement projectsColloquium
2006-11-09Christina Tague
Bren School, UCSB
[PDF Document] Abstract
[PDF Document]  Spatial variation in the response of summer streamflow to climate forcing for the mountains of the Western USColloquium
2006-11-16Jeff HemphillLa Conchita: Land Use Change and Big MoneyColloquium
2006-11-30Annemarie SchneiderUrban Growth As a Component of Global ChangeColloquium
2006-12-07Peter FisherExtending the treatment of fuzziness in spatial data to higher order vaguenessColloquium
2007-01-18Martin Raubal[PDF Document] Simulating Ad-hoc Shared-ride Trip Planning in Mobile Geosensor NetworksColloquium
2007-02-01Victor Schinazi[PDF Document] Spatial representation and Low Vision: Two Studies on the Content, Accuracy, and Development of Mental Respresentations by Individuals Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired"Colloquium
2007-02-06Oran Young[PDF Document] The Human Dimensions of Global Environmental ChangeColloquium
2007-02-22Mike Goodchild[PDF Document] What has GIS done to Geography?Colloquium
2007-03-08Richard Appelbaum[PDF Document] The global implications of nanotechnology and the rise of China as a high-tech powerColloquium
2007-04-12Dr. Werner Kuhn[PDF Document] (Dangermond Lecture Series) Spatio-temporal primitivesColloquium
2007-04-26G. Donald Richardson[PDF Document] Testing an Airborne Radar: Monitoring the Daytona Peace Accords in BosniaColloquium
2007-05-03Stephanie Ewing[PDF Document] Soil Biogeochemical Processes, Atmospheric Deposition, and In-soil Transport in the Hyperarid Atacama Desert, ChileColloquium
2007-05-17Dr. Lars Hufnagel[PDF Document] The Scaling Laws of Human TravelColloquium
2007-05-24Professor Olivier Deschenes[PDF Document] Climate Change, Mortality, and AdaptationColloquium
2007-05-31Tom Dunne[PDF Document] Floodplain sedimentation processes in the Amazon basinColloquium
2007-10-04Ed KellerTectonic Geomorphology and Earthquake Hazard of the Santa Barbara Fold BeltColloquium
2007-10-25Waldo ToblerThe modeling and exploration of spatially continuous potentials and associated cartographic representation via vector fields of the geographic migration of peopleColloquium
2007-11-09George ChristakosAn Integrative Framework of Geographical Problem Solving: The Journey to IthacaColloquium
2008-01-17Ming-Hsiang TsouNew research directions of Internet GIS and web mapping services and lessons learned from the San Diego 2007 fireColloquium
2008-01-24Benthany BradleyImpacts of land use and climate change on regional plant invasion: Cheatgrass in the Western U.S.Colloquium
2008-01-31Sara RauscherExtension and intensification of the Meso-American mid-summer drought in the 21st Century: Exploring the regional response and examining the climate model simulations for global warming to represent present-day climate in this regionColloquium
2008-02-07Dawn ParkerAn agent-based land market model: Building the kernel of an integrated model of location and intensity of land-use and land-cover changeColloquium
2008-02-14Leila CarvalhoClimate variations over South America and Antarctica: A multi-scale problem and an interdisciplinary perspectiveColloquium
2008-02-21Bruce AndersonSummertime hydroclimatology of the Southwestern United States: A testbed for climate change analysesColloquium
2008-02-28Noah DiffenbaughFine-Scale Climate Change: Dynamics, Impacts, and the Human Dimension: What are the mechanisms by which various natural and human systems may respond to these fine-scale climate changes to levels of Greenhouse gases?Colloquium
2008-04-03Joseph KerskiSleepwalking into the future: Society without spatial thinkingColloquium
2008-04-10Laurens Bouwer, Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamClimate change and flood risks: Historical analysis and projectionsColloquium
2008-05-01Hallie EakinAdaptive capacity and institutional change in rural MexicoColloquium
2008-05-15David RigbyImpacts of trade on wage inequality: Analysis of matched employer-employee data for Los Angeles, 1990-2000Colloquium
2008-05-22Mark Henry RubarenyzaNational and regional water respources management: The case of UgandaColloquium
2008-05-29Shoreh Elhami(Dangermond Lecture Series) URISA’s GISCorpsNo Image Available
2008-06-05Dan Montellogeography of American foodwaysColloquium
2008-09-08Michael Toomey, Drew Dara-Abrams[PDF Document] "Graduate Students Presentations"Colloquium
2008-10-16Pierre Goovaerts, Geoffrey Jacquez[PDF Document] New Geospatial Approaches to Cancer Control and SurveillanceColloquium
2008-10-23Pamela Dalal, Edward Pultar, Christa Hubers[PDF Document] Graduate Students and Visitor presentationsColloquium
2008-10-30Brett Hartman: A social equality and community devolopment to land restoration in developing nations: Case study examples from the highland Andes

Kristin Landgren: Light levels for kelp colonization

Nate Royal: Guinea worm afoot: Areas of vulnerability to the spread of Guinea worm in West Aftrica
[PDF Document] Graduate Student presentationsColloquium
2008-11-06Kirk Goldsberry[PDF Document] The Fundamentals of Animated Cartography Are Strong: Designing a Cartographic Narrative of the 2008 U.S. Presidential ElectionColloquium
2008-11-20Elisa Frank, Marcio Sales, Candida Dewes[PDF Document] Graduate Student presentationsColloquium
2008-12-04Linna Li, Asako Kinase-Leggett, Nate Isbell[PDF Document] Graduate Student presentationsColloquium
2009-01-15Li An

[PDF Document] Abstract
Did the model or data lie to us? Survival analysis of land changesColloquium
2009-01-22Oliver Chadwick, Mo Lovegreen, Dylan Parenti, Mark Probert (UCSB Department of Geography)Geography Computing: “State of the State”Colloquium
2009-01-28Sadie SimonovichFrom politics to parasites: Assessing health in African parks landscapesColloquium
2009-01-29Satoshi Mitariai

[PDF Document] Abstract
Larval Dispersal in the Turbulent Coastal Ocean: Dynamics and ImpactsColloquium
2009-02-05Jennifer Light

[PDF Document] Abstract
Taking Games SeriouslyColloquium
2009-02-12Pauline GrosjeanDemocracy, Market Liberalization and Political PreferencesColloquium
2009-02-19Sandy Dall'Erba

[PDF Document] Abstract
Regional development policies in the light of recent regional science toolsColloquium
2009-02-26Alinda Friedman

[PDF Document] Abstract
The Role of Geographic Categories &amp Spatial Cuing in Global-Scale Location EstimatesColloquium
2009-03-05James Raymer

[PDF Document] Abstract
A General Framework for Estimating Population MovementsColloquium
2009-04-14Francina DominguezPrecipitation recycling and the relocation of soil moisture in the North American Monsoon RegionColloquium
2009-04-16Stuart Sweeney

[PDF Document] Abstract
Shifting regional patterns of Mexican maize production: understanding the context of livelihood risk
2009-04-23Christopher Costello

[PDF Document] Abstract
Spatial Property Rights and Efficient Resource UseColloquium
2009-04-30Lorraine Lisiecki

[PDF Document] Abstract
Atlantic overturning responses to ice volume and orbital forcingColloquium
2009-05-07Luc Anselin

[PDF Document] Abstract
20 years since Spatial Econometrics (Golledge Lecture)Colloquium
2009-05-14John Melack

[PDF Document] Abstract
Bren School of Environmental Science and Management: Background and overviewColloquium
2009-05-21Student Awards ColloquiumNo Image Available
2009-05-28Shashi Shekhar

[PDF Document] Abstract
(Dangermond Lecture Series) Evacuation Route Planning: Novel Spatio-Temporal Network Models and AlgorithmsNo Image Available
2009-06-04Will McClintock

[PDF Document] Abstract
MarineMap: An Open-Source Web Tool for Participatory Marine PlanningColloquium
2010-01-14Tom Pingel[PDF Document] Strategic Elements of Route Choice for Next Generation Digital Navigation SystemsColloquium
2010-01-14Tom PingelStrategic Elements of Route Choice for Next Generation Digital Navigation SystemsColloquium
2010-02-04Clyde Woods

[PDF Document]&nbspAbstract
[PDF Document] Bourbonism, Blues, and Asset Stripping in Post-Katrina New OrleansColloquium
2010-02-11Tommy Dickey[PDF Document] The Insirational Life of Fridtjof Nansen, 'The Daring Viking'Colloquium
2010-02-18Susan Cutter

[PDF Document]&nbsp Abstract
[PDF Document]  Disaster Resilience and Vulnerability: What to Measure, How to Measure, Why Measure?Colloquium
2010-03-04Will McClintock

[PDF Document]&nbsp Abstract
[PDF Document]  MarineMap: Open source, web-based technologies for stakeholder-driven marine spatial planning in CaliforniaColloquium
2010-04-08Dr. Val Noronha

[PDF Document]&nbsp Abstract
[PDF Document]  MeTrIS: Smoothing Freight into the Los Angeles PortsColloquium
2010-04-22Daniela F. Cusack[PDF Document]  Carbon Cycling in Tropical Ecosystems: Effects of Global Change on Soil ProcessesColloquium
2010-04-29Piotr Jankowski

[PDF Document] Abstract
[PDF Document] Discovering Landmarks and Movement Patterns from Photo PostingsColloquium
2010-05-06Ted Schuur

[PDF Document] Abstract
[PDF Document] Permafrost carbon and climate feedbacks in a warmer worldColloquium
2010-05-13Simone Pulver

[PDF Document] Abstract
[PDF Document] To market, to market: Carbon trading in the Brazilian and Indian sugar sectorsColloquium
2010-05-20David Siegel

[PDF Document] Abstract
[PDF Document] Characterizing Open Ocean Ecosystems Using Satellite Observations: Beyond the Remote Assessment of ChlorophyllColloquium
2010-05-27Sadie J. Ryan

[PDF Document] Abstract
[PDF Document] From Politics to Parasites: Assessing health in African parks landscapesColloquium
2010-06-03Eric Lambin

[PDF Document] Abstract
[PDF Document] Pathogenic landscapes: modelling interactions between land, people, and disease vectorsColloquium
2010-09-30Terry Smith

[PDF Document] Abstract
[PDF Document] Some of the things I've learned about research, rivers, and peopleColloquium
2010-10-07Stephen Pyne

[PDF Document] Abstract
[PDF Document] The Big Blowup: Fire's American CenturyColloquium
2010-10-14Mike Worboys

[PDF Document] Abstract
[PDF Document] (Dangermond Lecture Series) Bringing geographic information indoorsColloquium
2010-11-18JoAnn Kuchera-Morin

[PDF Document] Abstract
[PDF Document] Immersed in N-Dimensions: Using the Creative Process as a Computational Framework for Unfolding Complex SystemsColloquium
2010-12-02Marilyn N. Raphael

[PDF Document] Abstract
[PDF Document]  Antarctic Climate and Sea Ice VariabilityColloquium