Careers in Geography Day

In Broida Hall, on June 1 between 3:00 and 5:00 pm, six former UCSB Geography graduates who are now working in excellent jobs shared what they were doing and how they got there. They named specific Geography classes that had helped and stressed the importance of internships. Approximately 40 people attended, some who remained afterwards to make strategic connections.

Robin Johnson, who graduated in 2000 and is the Department Undergraduate Advisor, organized Careers Day. She and Professor Keith Clarke obtained a grant, which had the goal of improving undergraduate advising, from UCSB that funded the speakers’ transportation and lodging costs.

Typically, universities do little to help students transition to jobs in the real world. Two former students who had stuggled for jobs after graduating said they wished their school had provided a Careers Day like this.

The general public has for years had the impression a degree in geography was useless except for teaching. There are few jobs advertised that ask for a geographer. But today, jobs abound. Students who graduate from UCSB Geography, which according to the speakers is well-respected in the world, just have to do practical projects (internships) while in school and know where to look. And, of course, make use of connections, like with the speakers at this event!

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