Battersby Makes it Better

Graduate Student Sarah Battersby is one of just 26 recipients of this year’s University Service Awards. The UCSB Service Awards, presented annually to graduating seniors and graduate students, acknowledge a depth of involvement in several different areas of campus life—and Sarah has certainly plumbed the depths! In her seven years at UCSB, she has served on the Student Fee Advisory Committee (4 years), the University Center Governance Board (5 years, 3 as Chair), the Events Center Governance Board (5 years, 2 as Chair), and the Recreation Center Governance Board (6 years). Not to mention the fact that she was the GSA Vice President for Administrative Affairs for one year, on the Parking and Transportation committee for one year, and served on the selection committee for a Vice Chancellor.

Sarah comments that, “outside of all of that campus stuff, I also volunteer at Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic, and I donate blood regularly (let me know if you need any A+ blood…).” Her friends also know that she happens to be a master brewer (breweress?). When it comes to extraordinary university service or making fine beer, the label that Ms. Battersby uses on her bottles says it all: “The Batt makes it better!” And, by the way, Sarah recently and successfully defended her PhD dissertation. I now call her “Dr. B.” (anything for a free sample)!.
(BattersBeer label designed by grad student Kirk Goldsberry; article by Bill Norrington)

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