Awards All Around

Becky Powell and Sarah Battersby Receive Geography Teaching Award

Becky Powell and Sarah Battersby have been recognized for their outstanding performance as Teaching Assistants in the Geography Department. They were selected for their excellent course evaluations and their design and implementation of their course syllabi.

Chuck Dietzel Receives Geography Research Award

Chuck Dietzel has been awarded the Geography Research Award for outstanding national presentations, excellence in publication, and his significance research.

Sean Benison Receives David S. Simonett Award

Sean Benison has been awarded the David S. Simonett Award for his service, academic progress and accomplishment within the Department of Geography. Additional criteria also included his dedication and length of time in the Graduate Student Program.

David S. Simonett was Chair of the Department of Geography at UCSB from 1974 until 1980, and then Dean of the Graduate Division from 1988 until 1989. He was a major founder and shaper of the graduate program in Geography and a key member of the National Center for Geographical Information Analysis (NCGIA) when it was founded in 1988. Professor Simonett also helped found and establish the joint SDSU/UCSB PhD program in Geography.

After his death in 1990, the award was established in his name. Donations have been accumulating, and the award will be given every other year into the future. The recipient is chosen as the student who best exemplifies the values that David Simonett established for the graduate program at UCSB.

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