Au Revoir, Michelle

Michelle Keuper has worn several hats in the Geography office: grad student advisor, undergrad student supervisor, receptionist, head of purchasing, expert on expense accounts, our first Newsletter editor, and, not least, the only person in the entire Department who can keep our cranky copy machines working. Not to mention the fact that she’s volunteered to help at every departmental event for the last 8 years, knows everybody in the Department on a first name basis, and has kept the office stocked with niblets on and off since she first began working there.

But things change—yep, she’s moving on: Hello Everyone. After 8 wonderful years in Geography the time has come for me to move on. I’ve accepted a position in the College of Letters and Science as the Executive Assistant to Dean Moskovits in the Math, Life and Physical Science Division. My last day will be Friday, July 21st. Geography has been so great to me and now it’s time for a new challenge. It has been an honor and pleasure to work for this department and I will miss you all. Thank you for your support, Michelle. I know I speak for the entire department in wishing Michelle all the best in her new career and in telling her that we’ll miss her.

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