At Last, a Practical Use for GPS

At age 31, a lovelorn Japanese man quit his job in order to trek all the way around Japan in order to propose to his girlfriend – and he did it by using a GPS logger to draw “Marry Me” (with an arrow-pierced heart for punctuation). Yasushi Takahashi mapped out his route and his future in 2008, and the home movie he made of the event not only went viral, but, in 2010, it was also recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as “the world’s largest GPS drawing” at 7,164km (4,451mi) long.

Yes, the girlfriend said “yes.” And yes, it was a long, “drawn out engagement.” Read more about it here.

Editor’s note: Many thanks to Antonio Medrano for suggesting this heart-warming material. And apologies for the tongue-in-cheek title of this article.

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Yasushi Takahashi (Yassan for short) captured his feat in a seven-minute slideshow of various landmarks that he visited during his travels. Yassan also recorded parts of the trip on video and uploaded it to YouTube in a video titled “Tegami” (“Letter”)