Appendix: Sources of Information

Personal Recollections Shared with Susanna Baumgart

  1. Rick Church, interview April 2003.
  2. Maggie Day (AKA Maggie Greenwald), conversation May 2003.
  3. Jeff Dozier, interview January 2003.
  4. Teresa Everett, interview February 2003.
  5. Jim Frew, interview April 2003.
  6. Reginald Golledge, interviews February 2003 and typed recollections dated November 14, 2002, and feedback on drafts of the history during 2003.
  7. Berl Golomb, emails to Susanna Baumgart 2002.
  8. Joel Michaelsen, interview December 2002.
  9. Robert Norris, conversation May 2003.
  10. David Pluth, email correspondence April and May 2003.
  11. Bruce Rickborn, interview January 2003 and email Spring 2003.
  12. Perry Shapiro, interview February 2003.
  13. Ray Smith, interview January 2003, conversation and email Spring 2003.
  14. Terry Smith, interview February 2003.
  15. Waldo Tobler, conversations March 2003; extract from “Geographical Voices” article originally written by Reginald Golledge and Waldo Tobler, edited by Woody Pitts, and published by Syracuse University Press; and typed recollections emailed to Susanna Baumgart April 24, 2003.
  16. Meryl Wieder, conversations Spring 2003 and interview April 2003.

Papers in David Simonett’s Personnel File

  1. Reginald Golledge and Waldo Tobler, “David Simonett, Geography: Santa Barbara,” In Memoriam, 1993.
  2. Langford-Smith, Trevor [1991], “David Stanley Simonett, 1926-1990” Australian Geographer, Vol. 22, No. 1. pp. 84-85.
  3. “A Collection of ‘Simonettisms,'” compiled by Teresa Everett, March 20, 1991.

Published Materials

  1. Berl Golomb, “Geography,” The Centennial Record of the University of California 1868-1968, UC Printing Dept, Berkeley, 1967, P. 493.
  2. Robert Kelley, Transformations: UC Santa Barbara 1909-1979, published by the Associated Students in 1981, Page 118.
  3. “Santa Barbara,” University of California History: Digital Archives, published on UC Berkeley website.
  4. UCSB General Catalog, 1963 through 1978, located in the Special Collections division of UCSB’s Davidson Library.
  5. UCSB Yearbooks, 1964 through 1970.

Other Sources

  1. Susanna Baumgart recollections.
  2. 1-page chart “UCSB Student Headcount Enrollment by Class Level and Gender: 1944-present,” UCSB Office of Budget & Planning, printed January 21, 2003.
  3. Photocopy of typed pages filed in Geography administrative office, unknown source.
  4. Internet research by Susanna Baumgart.
  5. Geography Department records.
  6. “External Review Committee Report on Geography,” From Les Wilson, Chair, Program Review panel, to Michael Goodchild, Chair, Geography, March 9, 1998, P. 13.
  7. “Program Review Panel’s Final Report on the Academic Program Review of the Department of Geography,” From Les Wilson, Chair, Program Review Panel, to Ilene H. Nagel, Executive Vice Chancellor, September 28, 1998, P. 2.
  8. Letter from Reginald Golledge to then-Chair Joel Michaelsen about Geography Awareness Week, dated November 21, 1995.
  9. Email from Robert Crippen to Meryl Wieder, May 22, 2003.

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