A Warm Welcome to Our New Graphic Artist

Natalie Wong brings a dazzling array of experience and talent to our Department. Not only is she a graphic artist for the UCSB Alumni Association and the Marine Science Institute, but she’s also the local art director of a major travel magazine and the principal of graphic design for Coyote Colorworks, a local full service design studio. Natalie has taken courses in hydrology and remote sensing at UCSB and was a TA for GIS at SBCC. So how the heck did we get her to work for us? Well, she volunteered: “Career-wise, I’d like to combine graphics skills with GIS and remote sensing work, and, if all that fails, take a big left turn and become a welder.” And she’s not kidding.

When I asked her for a personal statement, Natalie said, “mention that I like hiking, fishing (catching is just the bonus for being out on the water), and surfing.” She goes on to say, “I’m honored to follow in the footsteps of Maral and Laura, who’ve done an exemplary job in designing very cool posters and fliers for the department.” Natalie’s work is also exemplary and decidedly different. And, if she ever does have a go at welding, I bet that she’ll make hot metal equally “cool.”

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