A Salute to “Handy Andy”

In a recent note to everyone in the Department, our Systems Administrator Andy Krone announced that he’s heading to greener pastures:

“If you haven’t heard by now I’ll be leaving Geography on June 30th to head the Information Systems and Computing Systems for UCSB Extension. It’s been a great ride with all the ‘Earth’ Scientists here and I have only great things to say about our exceptional Staff, Faculty, and Students. My reasons for leaving are completely career oriented.

While attempting to consolidate my email I stumbled on an interesting stat: since August of 2003 I’ve received approximately 17,705 emails (none of which were spam). I’ve also sent about 6,341 since that date. So, I guess there are probably a few things that I never got to. Hopefully you’ll all be as friendly to my successor as you have been to me.”

Despite Andy’s modesty, there were very few things that he “never got to,” and I know that I speak for the entire Department in thanking him for all of his help over the years and in wishing him all the best in his new appointment. We’ll miss “Handy Andy”—and his “best friend” Honey, too!

Editor’s note: In case you wondered, Andy posed for the above picture after climbing to the top of Mount Whitney. Picture to the right is Andy’s dog, Honey, an unofficial staff member and department mascot for the last year!

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