A Gift to Our Outgoing Chair

Dar Roberts became the Chair of the UCSB Department of Geography in September 2009, and he will hand over the reins to Dan Montello on June 30, 2014. As a token of appreciation for Dar’s service, Geography personnel chipped in to buy him a present which was presented to him at the last Geography Colloquium of the Spring Quarter (5/29).

Dylan Parenti, our IT head honcho, came up with the idea of getting four Loge VIP seat tickets for a Dodger baseball game for Dar and his family: “He likes the Dodgers, and I’m pretty sure he’d get a kick out of taking Marianne and the kids to a game during a promotional event (Adrian Gonzalez Replica Jersey Day). The Cardinals are a pretty good team, and they and the Dodgers are likely to be playoff contenders, so the Sunday, June 29 game between them should be a great game.”

Connie Padilla, staff Personnel Analyst, created a card for Dar that consisted of a couple of dozen “sign here” stickers forming the outline of a heart, and, for once, the staff did all the signing. Not to be outdone, the faculty came up with a card that featured a photo of our past, present, and future Chairs doing pirate imitations at a Fall 2007 departmental barbecue – arr, even department Chairs need to let off steam!

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Phaedon Kyriakidis, our Vice Chair, presents Dar with his gift cards

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Geography Chairs, left to right: Dar Roberts (present), Oliver Chadwick (past), and Dan Montello (future) at a pirate themed departmental barbecue, Fall 2007.