6th Annual Softball Game

The Geography Department hosted the 6th Annual Softball Game on June 4th. The game was a blast, with a record 40 undergrads, grad students, research staff, and faculty playing some good ‘ol fashioned ball in the (hot!) sun at Elings Park. Despite the heat and sharing of sweaty gloves, the players and fans were all smiles. Even Philipp Schneider, the recipient of a softball shaped dent in the forehead (he was a-okay) kept the good times going at the BBQ hosted by the Clarke Family after the game. The closest hits to becoming homeruns were by strong-arms Jim Rumbley and George Checkal, who ended up stopping each others attempts with amazing catches. Ultimately, the grad student team ruled the day with their whopping 8 run lead, and Clare Salustro’s awesome pitching skills won her the MVP award. Thank you to everyone who came out to play, to Sarah Battersby for organizing such a successful event, and the Clarke Family for their delicious BBQ feast and generosity. Hope to see you all there next year! (article provided by: Laura Harrison)

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