2019 Staff Celebration Week

Staff Celebration Week celebrates the hard work and achievements of UCSB staff.  The Chancellor’s Staff Advisory Council in coordination with members from other campus organizations, organizes and publishes the calendar of events, opportunities, and discounts available to staff members during this exciting week.  This is a special opportunity for staff organizations, departments, central offices, and other members of the UCSB community to formally recognize UCSB’s staff achievements and efforts.

This year the Department of Geography kicked off Staff Celebration Week on Monday, May 20th with a department staff corn hole tournament.  Competition was tough but team Alex Feldwinn and Patty Murray took home the gold.

Team Alex Feldwinn and Patty Murray Win Gold!

Tuesday brought the Chancellor’s Staff Celebration Luncheon & Presentation of Staff Awards on the Faculty Club Lawn.  Here, UCSB staff were invited to enjoy a catered lunch, listen to music, shop the plant and pottery sales and have a great time.

Geography staff enjoying lunch. (From Left to Right, Alycia Lewis, Consuelo Rivera, Nea Alvarado Voss, Alex Feldwinn and Patricia Halloran)

Wednesday the department took a UCSB Campus Farm Tour and stopped by Lily’s Taco’s for lunch.

The annual Staff Celebration Week features special events and scheduled tours throughout the week.  No one person can attend every event and tour so I will mention the tours I had the privilege of attending.

Coal Oil Point Tour – This Natural reserve is owned and operated by UCSB and is less than 2 miles away from campus.  Guides discuss the cultural and natural history of the area while you take a scenic 2 hour walk around the reserve.  Nature at its finest!










REEF Touch Tank Tour – The REEF, UCSB’s interactive aquarium, provides a hands-on introduction to local marine organisms and the role the marine environment plays in our lives.  There are over 100 different species of marine plants and animals to experience and learn about.

AlloSphere Tour – The AlloSphere is a one-of-a-kind immersive instrument.  Twenty-six projectors light up a three-story sphere, while fifty-five speakers surround you with sound.  As you stand on the bridge of the AlloSphere, you will be immersed in scientific simulations, data visualizations, and artistic content.  Truly a one of a kind experience!

Black Cat Planter

Friday concluded our Staff Celebration Week with Woodstock’s Pizza and a crafting project lunch.

An integral part of the UC Santa Barbara family, staff members are in the spotlight during the campus’s annual Staff Celebration Week.  Year in and year out, it is an opportunity for us to come together, enjoy one another’s company, and celebrate the relationships and friendships that make our campus such a wonderful community.