193 Course Syllabus


Internship Program Coordinators:

Faculty Coordinator: Vena Chu
E-mail: vena.chu@geog.ucsb.edu
Office: Ellison 4818
Program Coordinator: Patty Murray
E-mail: patty@geog.ucsb.edu
Office: Ellison 1834

Prerequisites and Course Description:
Prerequisites: upper-division standing, 3.0 overall grade-point average, upperdivision standing in geography major, and approval by instructor and department. See Internship Coordinator if you have a question about meeting the pre-requisites. May be repeated for credit to a maximum of twelve units but only four units may count toward the major. Practical experience and research on geographical problems as intern with local, state, and federal agencies, private research and development firms, university research faculty and other business organizations. Final report required. One unit per 30 hours of internship (equal to 3 hours per week per 10-week quarter) for one unit, and up to 12 hours a week for 4 units.

In order to secure an internship and receive university credit for Geography 193, an internship application must be on file with the Program Coordinator (Patty Murray).
Internship applications are accepted through the second week of the current academic quarter. An Internship requires Faculty Coordinator sponsorship (Vena Chu) and a contract describing the work to be completed.

Course Requirements:
◊ A.) Resume and Internship application on file by the add/drop deadline, or notify Intern Coordinator.
◊ B.) Internship. The contracted work (hours) must be completed and reported on evaluation form.
◊ C.) Student Final Report. Due at the end of the quarter. A short 1-2 page summary of your internship experience should include a discussion of the following:

  • a brief description of your position or role in the agency
  • a description of the agency or business (e.g., its purpose)
  • an account of the actual work performed
  • how your work fit into the overall project or scheme
  • how you benefited as an intern (e.g., skills, etc.)
  • how the internship contributed to personal, professional, and/or academic growth
  • evaluation of the agency
  • what you could have done to improve the internship
  • specifically, which aspects of the Geography program were valuable and identify areas where improvement might be made.

◊ D.) Performance Evaluation by Agency Supervisor or Faculty Supervisor (as appropriate). Your immediate supervisor should complete the Intern Evaluation Form prior to the end of the quarter (eight weeks). This form should be mailed directly to the Internship Coordinator.(Optional)
◊ E.) Supplemental Work. In some cases, a faculty sponsor may require additional work to be completed on a case-by-case basis.
Due Dates:
At the beginning of the quarter, internship application and resume must be on file by Add/Drop deadline.
At the end of the quarter, to receive credit for your internship, you must complete all of the course requirements listed above and give all paperwork to the Internship Coordinator during the last week of classes. You may find you have more time to turn in your paper and evaluation during Dead Week rather than Finals Week.
NOTE: Internships do not always follow the University’s ten-week quarter system. If you need extra time to finish your hours or need to make other arrangements, make sure you contact the Internship Coordinator so that you will receive the appropriate grade.