Wei Luo
Global Change Assessment Model(GCAM) Visual Analytics

This is a web-based geovisual analytics approach for enabling the exploration of climate scenarios from GCAM. It consists of geographical, temporal, and multidimensional spaces, which allows users to explore water scarcity in terms of geographical variations, temporal change, and scenario comparison with different future climate policies. Here is the paper.


The GeoSocialApp is a visualization tool that supports the exploration of spatial-social networks among network, geographical, and attribute spaces. Using mixed methods - computational and visual, it enables discovery of complex patterns in large spatial-social network datasets in an effective and efficient way. Here is the project link.


GeoSocialEpidemic allows researchers understand individual-level epidemic transmission and control scenario design. It allows the exploration of human interaction patterns and design control scenarios based on those local human interaction patterns. Here is the paper.

Geovisual Analytics for Water Scarcity in Niger River Basin

This is a web-based geovisual analytics approach to explore water supply, demand, and scarcity in the Niger River Basin area under various scenarios.  This tool can compare and analyze the uncertainty associated with these scenarios. Here is the paper. This tool can also provide a collaborative environment. Here is the paper.


This web-based tool provides a visual interface and display methods for query and exploration of large repositories of microblog data. The emphasis is on revealing the where, when, what, and who components of microblog data to support situational awareness in natural disasters and other emergency events. Here is the project link.


The STempo visualization environment supports the discovery and visual exploration of pattern results from space-time event data. STempo provides a wide range of coordinated view displays with which users can investiage space, time, and attribute data to uncover patterns and phenomena. Here is the project link.


CrimeViz is an extensible web-based map application that supports exploration of and sensemaking about crimninal activity in space and time. Here is the project link.


PSUMobile serves volunteered geographic service (VGS) on android platform. The project involves GoogleMaps API (for Android), server-client communication and linked database. Here is the paper.

Spatial Accessibility to Health Facilities in Niger

This project analyzes the physical access of populations to health facilities within Niger with an emphasis on the effect of seasonal conditions and the implications of these conditions in terms of availability of adequate health services, provision of drugs and vaccinations. Here is the paper.