Crystal Bae

Crystal Bae is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Geography at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Her research interests are in the areas of spatial cognition, navigation and wayfinding, travel behavior, and the urban built environment.


Current PhD Project: Collaborative wayfinding in real-world environments
Behavioral study of dyads performing a situated navigation task, employing Conversation Analytic (CA) methods for video-recordings of planning and navigation processes.
Results presented as a Full Paper [link] and Workshop Paper at the Conference on Information Theory (COSIT) in September 2019.
Preliminary results discussed at the Interdisciplinary Navigation Symposium (iNAV) in June 2018, and at Spatial Cognition 2018 in September 2018 (poster available on Open Science Framework).

Prior Research: Cognitive boundaries of urban neighborhoods
Master's thesis project surveying residents to measure variation in cognitive boundaries, taking Koreatown, Los Angeles as a study neighborhood.
Publication: Bae, C. J. & Montello, D. R. (2018). Representations of an Urban Ethnic Neighbourhood: Residents' Cognitive Boundaries of Koreatown, Los Angeles. Built Environment, 44(2), 218-240. [link]
Master's Thesis: "Representations of an Urban Neighborhood: Residents’ Cognitive Boundaries of Koreatown, Los Angeles" [link]

Ongoing Collaborative Projects:
The projects listed below were started in Summer 2019 as a fellow at the Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute.
Comparison of exploration in humans and non-human animals: Project working with developmental psychologists and animal behavior researchers to characterize free exploration behavior across multiple species to identify between-species and within-species variations.
The developmental foundations of human cognition: Project with cultural anthropologists and developmental psychologists to perform a cross-cultural investigation into the existence and lifespan development of 'core' cognitive abilities, including spatial cognition.


Teaching Certifications and Awards:
Summer Teaching Institute for Associates (STIA) Certificate, completed Summer 2015
UCSB Geography Excellence in Teaching Award, awarded Spring 2016

As Instructor of Record:
Urban Geography, Upper Division Course, Fall 2016
People, Places, and Environment (Introduction to Human Geography), Lower Division, Fall 2015
Behavioral Geography, Upper Division, Summer 2015

As Teaching Associate (TA):
Maps and Spatial Reasoning
Scientific Research Methods in Geography
Urban Geography
People, Places, and Environment
Geography of the United States
Environmental Perception and Cognition
Technical Issues in Geographic Information Systems


KCSB Community Radio:
Hosted a world music show on 91.9 KCSB-FM in Santa Barbara called The Subverse (Summer 2018 and 2019), featuring various sub-genres of music weekly. You can find my playlists on Spinitron. Also co-hosted a regional jazz music show called Footprints of Giant Steps for several quarters.

Travel Blog:
Maintained a blog called Aesthetics of Everywhere sharing my various travels, mainly before beginning graduate school (now updated infrequently). This includes my cross-country bicycle tour in the summer of 2013 and solo explorations around Southeast Asia in the summer of 2010.

Other Interests:
My main interests outside of academia include drumming, bicycling and bike touring, hiking and backpacking, modern and postmodern literature, and urbanism.
You can find me on Twitter @crysb.